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The Ultimate Shaker Bottle – *** We are a shift in thinking. Committed

to a collective goal to revolutionize your health and wellness. Together with your help, weve…


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    Itay R says:

    great video but i would do another one with different background music!

    Eliass Carter says:

    Who’s the trainer (blond guy)?

    Darryl Cooper says:

    Who’s the guy at 0:36 is thank Franco? 



    Job de Vries says:

    WOW, this video gets me pumped to the max! Good job :)

    رائد الخزرجي says:

    Perfect work .

    Kenan Sutovic says:

    The best video i watched in a long time!

    5899jason says:

    Hell YEAH!!!!! Awesome!

    Eddie Pegus says:

    Most motivational channel and instagram out here! Love it!

    Ryan Javorek says:

    Incredible! Definitely is helping me get out of this rut after having the
    stomach flu for a week!

    Just Berty says:

    yeeepp babyyyy

    deannobaggico09 says:

    Brilliant vid

    Aliodor says:

    whos the guy with the huge veins at 1:35 pls, last time i saw such veins
    was Lee Priest prime era
    The music sync is perfect, Great Video m8 keep up the great work

    NBtruefall Barto says:

    Neverstop make video Makaveli

    Rajveer Singh says:

    Bro can’t tell u how much u inspire me…u are best you tuber…god bless ya
    Thnx for all this videos

    flexer83 says:

    Damn bro
    i just finished my chest workout.
    im feeling now i wanna go back to the gym after seeing this video.

    awesome work

    Efekan Pulatlı says:

    more more more,MOREEEE

    Moustafa Hassim says:

    Keep the great job ON

    angelo panayi says:

    These videos help me to get motivated for gym and for life in general
    Keep it up ;)

    AdonisTV says:

    Perfect timing in 5mins my gym session starts :)

    Nicolai Andersen says:


    love your video’s bro, keep it coming!

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