Adi Gillespie – Fitness Motivation

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    Jorge GBurneo says:

    My biggest inspiration for fitness

    Jonny Wild says:

    You’re my inspiration and I aspire to be just like you !! Truly amazing,
    keep it up !!

    Amirache Maher says:

    Great vid, very motivational. Your physique is amazing so inspirational

    Game Box says:


    looking forward to more of your work

    3LlTE says:

    Nice hair cut bro

    MrRicardoIrving says:

    Adi, u should add credits to the song in the description so the video
    doesn’t get muted.

    Hamada Rhourri says:

    gooood one Bro , looking for some inspiration for along time , keep sharing
    more videos 

    Devon Sidwell says:

    +Adi Gillespie 0:48 What brand of shirt are you wearing here good sir?

    Yosef Alshabib says:


    Dawid Glich says:

    Adi what weight and height?

    joaquin silva says:

    An intro to the video would be nice, other than that is perfect
    .Big inspiration mate :)

    Alpay Bayraktar says:

    Awesome video buddy! Keep it up!

    kenojb says:

    i really hope u do some leg workout vids!!..great body btw! u inspire ppl.

    Luke Sumner-Wilson says:

    Great to finally see you on the scene brother! Keep inspiring (Y) 

    Uri Serrano says:

    Awesome genetics, and of course hardwork

    Something like Kites says:

    ya bro keep it up!

    DylFTWynne says:

    My biggest inspiration for fitness ! Thanks for all the motivation mate

    bgwatcher says:

    Great !! a vid, i am one of your first subs bro!!

    edwin andres florez esparza says:

    FIRST SUB! haha ^^ the best!! +Adi Gillespie :)

    marwane kamel says:

    finally , am i the first one who sybscribes? , real inspiration and
    motivation man keep up the hard work 

    JCH26421 says:

    Tune. You natural?

    alex m says:


    Voddi777 says:

    Finally a YouTube channel hope you do daily vlogs about what u eat maybe
    cooking videos like all the other fitness channels do

    CurranAesthetics says:

    Such a HUGE inspiration, Adi. Keep it up, mate! The video is awesome as

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