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    atArturojr says:

    I miss these vlogs!!!!!

    Veronika IsAmazing says:

    I like these vids Shanna!
    Its cute and funny but also I can watch while I also try to get fit. (:
    Diets suck but I lost 10 lbs so far- trust me shanna you gunna look and
    feel fierce (;
    I’m 100 % here for you- you have your random puerto rican sister behind you

    CarlosWolfVillage says:

    He training you for free?! Does that mean I can’t place my ebay bid for
    that vajayjay??? 

    Arkham Bats says:

    Yay we both been trying to lose weight :) im 14 I lost 40 pounds about 30
    more to go :) so happy that we’re both trying to do something good for

    Barbie Frey says:

    shanna can I give you advice? Dont take this guys advice on food lol I lost
    70 pounds in a year and I everyday ate what I wanted, and that means pizza,
    chocolate, chips, anything considered "bad" its all about portion control.
    Yes I mainly ate veggies and fruit but to deprive yourself is so unneeded.
    You should calorie count and just watch the weight fall off. Like honestly,
    you will be miserable if you dont eat what you like, and I want you to be
    happy while you change your life, it will motivate you to keep going. 

    Jane Satan Lewis says:

    One dislike? LUV ya Shanna

    CocoaBB123 says:

    Low Carb Carrot cake is actually good ! Maybe one without the Frosting and
    the extra sugar. But, I bet it would be tasty ! Good luck on your journey
    Shanna ! X3

    Aaron Williams says:

    49 36 and 50 what are those for exactly??

    Connor Green says:


    Zach NoneofYeaBusiness says:

    I think you’re beautiful no matter what.. Hope you will find some good food
    that your taste buds will enjoy.

    LanaDelBae says:

    Yas Shanna yas! Get yo fitness on! 

    Audrey Gaffney says:

    I hate exercising but I LOVE how I feel afterwards.

    Julie Schaffer says:

    You can do it Shanna :D <3

    Julie Schaffer says:

    You can do it Shanna :D <3

    Kayla LeVere says:

    I love this please do more

    jessicaxoxo01able says:

    Keep these coming! I’m in the same boat as you!!! Love these vids! And it
    becomes fun when you finish and your like omg yes. 

    Ally Henson says:

    You can do it babe! You have full potential and I believe in you. Good luck
    :D I’m doing the same thing too atm. So far I lost 8 lbs in a few weeks of
    just walking and cutting my calories. You’ll feel great and I know that
    cause I already do! Never give up! Much love.

    Frank TheTank says:

    With just sound you can totally fap to this…. 

    Goshous says:

    Mike’s kinda cute.

    Kira Cox says:

    I love your vids Shanna so keep doing the great work!!!

    Serafini Gaunt says:

    Try doing the Evil Within for Ghetto Gaming :D

    Shangoo Igooroo says:

    I would like to order two ounces of titty meat.

    Shanna Malcolm says:

    HAPPY HumpDay FOLKS!

    Come and get that juicy vlog goodness!XD
    & RT!

    Riley Felt says:

    Second. Comment 5th. View

    Shanna Malcolm says:

    I WIN…again! And still I’m not tired of it:P

    #FirstCommentQueen :P

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