ABC Gymnastics Challenge

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ABC Gymnastics Challenge (Level 4+) Instagram – Rachelmariesgg Skill list – A – Aerial B – Back Tuck C -

Chest Roll D – Dive Walkover E – Elbow Stand F – Front Aerial G – Gainer Flic H – Handstand…


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    Crystal Eichler says:

    Backhand spring tutorial
    I really like your vids

    Maya Miller says:

    back handspring tutorial

    DeAnne Acosta says:

    now subscriber

    Katie Murphy says:

    Gymnastics tutorials 

    Matt H says:

    I love your videos Rachael :) keep up the good work.

    emmalonghair x says:

    You should do the Leo challenge and you have to see how many Leos you can
    put on in 60secs !!!! 

    Missy Scarlett says:

    How to do a front aerial & a back tuck. and expectation vs reality videos
    with ur family ;)

    Tara Ferrisa Bayhaqi Nur says:

    The 60 Second Leotard Challenge!! See how many leotards you could put in 1

    Tara Ferrisa Bayhaqi Nur says:

    You should do who’s a better gymnast? it’s a game that you have to pick
    someone the same level as you and you have to do some gymnastic skills and
    anyone (not the comments) has to judge who did better.

    lauren Scroggie says:

    Get all of your family and do family gymnastics 

    Joseph Doe says:

    Mildly satisfied now

    Michelle Gonzalez says:

    You should do the Gymnastics Family Challenge

    Girllove says:

    Muy bueno.

    Ponytastic™ says:

    I’ll do it

    Vanessa Oh says:

    Rachel May You Do A Side Aerial Tutorial Since I’m Having Trouble With It 

    Isabella brown says:

    You should do gymnastics expectations vs reality! Great video btw!

    Claire Savage says:

    Next week you should do expectations vs reality or brother vs sister

    Patricie Martines says:


    Grace Le says:

    Blindfolded gymnastics challenge

    15tennisstar says:

    Middle Splits tutorial please!

    Emily Martinez says:

    you should do boys vs girls gymnastics

    Gianna King says:

    Number gymnastics challenge

    AcroAngela Acrobatics says:

    full tutorial

    Irma Juarez says:

    Gymnastics Q&A

    fresh start09 says:

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