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What factor is more important concerning preparation for a fight: technical combat practice or strength and conditioning routine? The straight forward answer.. Technical combat practice! We learned that way back in UFC one through five with Royce Gracie versus wrestling monsters. Today the ideal scenario is a perfect meshing of the two worlds however.

Once a solid foundation in technical fight development is being practiced safely, smart conditioning should be incorporated in harmony with that training. The conditioning reinforces the technical ability. It is the drive behind it.

The key is to first develop your core strength and fundamental exercises. I recommended educating yourself in the variations of certain types of strength and cardio needed to supplement each major category of fighting. Wrestlers will share the best drills for take-downs. Boxers will share the best weights to lift for knockouts. Jiu jitsu experts can share tips on core strength and leg flexibility. When you understand how to develop different categories of fight needs, you can fill the gaps that your technical fight training may not be covering as well.

Understanding the different basic types of strength and cardio development is also important when preparing to face a specific opponent. Mauricio Shogun was revered as one of the best light heavy weights in the world but in recent bouts has struggled to face stronger, bigger opponents such as Forest Griffin and Mark Coleman.

Mauricio needed to develop heavier power strength to contest against these larger frames. His cardio is always phenomenal but when matched strength for strength against larger opponents, he might occasionally fatigue. Just keep in mind that adapting strengths for a particular opponent is an advanced concept practiced only by seasoned athletes.

Some fighters mix match their fight days and conditioning days. In my opinion it is usually best to do both the same day. For instance if I did boxing that day, I like to finish my workout with some pushups and arm strengthening exercises. That way, my arms get adequate rest before boxing day rolls around again.

A calculated schedule from an expert makes mixed martial arts conditioning easy and highly effective but if you don’t have access to that benefit, you may have to experiment while studying conditioning routines of boxers, wrestlers, jiu jitsu practitioners etc.

While it is most important to learn the arts of fighting and we know that that comes first, we have now evolved to a time where balance in fighting and conditioning is absolutely necessary for high achievement. Remember that the body is a science and no body is the same.

I’ve found it beneficial to find a coach or conditioning system to instruct a fighter in conditioning supplementation.
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