Arnold Schwarzenegger Posing routine 1974 – Epic bodybuilding motivation

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Epic bodybuilding motivation. Arnold Schwarzenegger guest posing to EXODUS at the IFBB 1974 Mr Southern Hemisphere.

Absolutely glorious and epic to watch.

MUSIC By Ernest Gold’s Exodus_(1960) – Original Main Theme


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    wheelchair_muscle says:

    The best in any condition!!

    Gilbert Michaud says:

    his best year with 1973

    Mansour Alkmim says:

    that is bea-u-ti-ful. I mean… the music

    Ezkatonia says:

    Please post the background music in the description, it’s superb.

    Vincent LevskiFan says:

    The King.

    wheelchair_muscle says:

    Ernest Gold’s Exodus_(1960) – Original Main Theme.

    wheelchair_muscle says:

    My pleasure, There is also a version by Henry Mancini (EXODUS) It goes
    longer and is better quality. cheers :)

    Hellthrasher says:

    Such majestic footage. So glad you uploaded this with the CORRECT
    background theme song. This was available last year, then it got taken
    down. Someone else uploaded with a very silly song and never saw it again.
    . until now. The Oak approves! Cheers!

    makeemsayJB says:

    the music makes this so epic

    lrmarshalls says:

    beast! 1974 is arnolds best year!

    Ezkatonia says:

    thank you

    flutzzz says:

    Fucking glorious

    Lyndon Halls says:

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