Ashley Conrad’s Fat-Torching Circuit Workout –

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Get fitter, faster. Burn calories quickly with this high-intensity circuit! If you’ve got 15 minutes, you can send fat fleeing for its life.

See Ashley’s Full Routine:

This six-exercise circuit workout may seem like kid’s stuff, but I promise you it’s no walk in the park. For each exercise, you’ll work as hard as you can for 30 seconds. That means you try to get as many reps as possible every single time. Trust me; after a round or two, 30 seconds starts to feel like 30 minutes!

After each exercise, you’ll only rest 15 seconds, which is just enough time to get a sip of water and catch your breath before you get right back to work. These short intervals of work and rest mean the

workout will only take you about 15 minutes to complete. You can get in, get the job done, and get out!

The best thing about this workout is that it’s great for anybody. The bodybuilding enthusiast, recreational athlete, or gym newbie can all benefit from this fat-burning workout. It will burn calories and improve your overall conditioning level.

Because this workout is only 15 minutes, it fits perfectly into your daily exercise regimen. You can do this circuit workout before or after your regular weights workout, you can split it and do half before and half after, or you can expand it and get an even more intense single cardiovascular session.

However you choose to implement this fat-torching circuit, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did!


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    ElefitTV says:

    She has the physique of a basketball player 

    Soon To Be Shredded says:

    Those pants are so ugly lol

    Shana Emily says:

    I love this. A really quick fat burner that gives you goals…I always love
    a challenge! thanks for sharing Ashley!

    Kam Fitness says:

    came here just for her personality.

    Kro says:

    She’s orange.

    TheNattyGorilla says:

    How pointless was this video.. Which gym is going to let you throw a
    medicine ball at their walls? HA, most gyms will ban you. She’s one of them
    overrated trainers, who only knows the basic things. 

    Tortalone says:

    CRAZY neck on this girl

    Moustafa Assal says:

    that workout for girls , not for best

    Roël Konings says:

    wtf is she wearing…

    Junaid Akhtar says:

    Good personality

    Health and Fitness Page says:

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