Awesome Bodybuilding Routine

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This is me competing at the 2009 Max Classic. I choreographed the routine to Shake ya Tailfeather by Nelly, P. Diddy, and Murph

Lee. I got the best poser award as well. I compete in an all natural federation which explains why I’m not bigger.


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    Amy Marie Stroud says:

    Part time stripper? Awesome routine never the less

    bigcat03 says:

    Hahaha, great little routine. Very original and I an tell you’ve been
    watching Kai.

    Jay Myers says:

    gay as in happy? then yes it made every single person in that place very,
    very gay! by the way trying to make me feel bad isn’t going to
    work……… good luck though

    MrHEYERG says:

    Man, you’re great. How about some more of you for us adoring fans? Please.

    Jay Myers says:

    @SuperThewatch Thank you for a positive comment, you should watch my
    routine from last year then!

    ganjasmoke21 says:

    Prob took a lot of work looked gay as shit though

    tjh1127 says:

    5 stars for uniqueness man. yea its play on kai but still it was sick..

    Jay Myers says:

    This is no jay but his nephew chris I just want to say that was pretty
    impressive maybe one day ull be as good as me lol.. god job i think i was
    at the one too! everyone should check out my newest vid named huge air in
    the artic cat by flushthefashion2 it me and my uncle doing a litle
    fourwheeling. And once again good job Jay

    Jay Myers says:

    @DrPhillgood87 thank you, i did train hard for that show and it kicked my
    ass haha. I received first in the open tall class and it came to just a
    couple of points to the overall which i did not end up getting. Not bad for
    a natural 20 year old in that competition haha

    Jay Myers says:

    hey thanks man it’s always nice to see positive comments

    Mehdi Nasr says:

    N1 hater

    flushthefashion2 says:

    way to go uncle Jay

    Jay Myers says:

    @njheavyweight I’d have to agree with not being a fan of dancing in the
    sense that some people only dance and don’t pose. I try to incorporate most
    of the eight mandatory poses during my routine and some other famous poses.
    As for the size thing I completely agree i need to be bigger, but it is
    hard when this is a natural contest and i’m truly as natural as they come
    with not taking any supplements. But thank you for your insight!

    Jay Myers says:

    I have a competition coming up next weekend and another video will be
    posted shortly after!

    SuperThewatch says:

    Whoaa… that’s really amazing! XDDDD

    Phillip Powell says:

    I literally started clapping when you went off stage lol you were clearly
    training hard and had a very entertaining routine how did you place?

    TrollingForYou says:

    lol nice routine but should have gotten a spray tan looked a little white
    maybe next time

    Samoan THOR says:

    hahah tag expains alot lol

    Jay Myers says:

    hey thanks man i tried incorporating my own stuff in but Kai and Melvin’s
    poses are just sick so i thought i’d try a lil of both worlds haha

    SuperThewatch says:

    @BigJayDrummer13 to be honest, I’m not a fan of BBer ^^; I saw this vid
    looked interesting so~ :p

    vouryer says:

    It made me very very gay!

    Forrestgumpz says:

    Good job man!

    Life And Times Of TJ says:

    LOL that was awesome

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