Best ever body building posing!

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    Body Architect Nutrition and Training says:

    This is actually a pretty awesome Posing Routine!

    sjm8890 says:

    nothing but steroids

    katinayap says:

    Their cork is not sausage but Penang 5-spice ”lobak”. Sausage bun vs
    ”lobak” bun. Imagine if it is alien monster attached & goes into you! You
    are combined. with WTC!

    G0piSingh says:


    Albin George says:

    nice muscleman dancer

    nawazali41 says:

    @roidersRhomos well said! By the way i bet youve got the build of a pencil
    you fucking weasel! Now go away and grow some before coming out with shit
    like that.

    Priyam Pandey says:


    Marian Mana says:

    Hey guys. Awesome film. My cousin was formerly overweight. He remodeled his
    body from 283 lbs of fat to 218 lbs of purely natural lean muscle. We
    thought it was phenomenal! I just registered personally as I’m working to
    get heftier muscles. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

    David LANCHE says:

    he’s a genious

    TheDeathSorrow says:

    Damn he got some moves !!!

    katinayap says:

    Muscle builder [Requiem Dream] – do they grow muscle on corks, take
    steroid. Gils like or not. Maybe they like to flake off their muscles bit
    by bit [masochistic type].

    fatloasdiet says:

    Eat small regular meals throughout the day “For those aspiring for a
    chiselled mid-section reducing body fat is vital” says Simon Jurkiw a
    nutritionist from Maximuscle one of Europes largest sports nutrition
    brands. “Everyone has abdominal muscles however most cant see them due to
    the layer of fat covering them.

    LivesAreForNoobs says:

    Prancing around in panties – can’t tell if masculinity has progressed or

    Nick Shaw says:

    all you lot bitching about being natural or on the gear, your just jealous
    cos these guys have great bodys.

    sjm8890 says:

    @3asyLiving I am a personal trainer for a living, you have no idea how much
    dedication I put into my diet and exercise, you simply can’t look like this
    without the use of performance enhancing drugs

    Aie72 says:

    This guy and King Kamali must be training partners… *lol*

    930205as says:

    what song at 1.15?

    andresviveros says:

    when do they get the time to learn how to dance

    Tracy Chatman says:

    Dude you had the funniest comment on here lol lol lol

    avyion13 says:

    SHIIIT Kai greene has some competition when it comes to posing routines
    haha. awesome work here. Hater’s gonna hate, you showed your muscles well
    enough while being quite entertaining, not easy to do when you’re that low
    bf and low water and everything.

    chris carpcatcher king says:

    lol thats was sick fairplay

    Jay Garrod says:


    Giorgos Gotzamanis says:


    GreasyGuerilla says:

    In Soviet Russia, BODY BUILDS YOU

    umesh t k says:


    satori cmaylo says:

    really good but Russ Testo is the best there is

    GanjeeMcStanky says:

    Chuck Norris does this in his SLEEP!

    Alexey Filippenko says:

    Feel the irony: the greatest body building contest Mr. Universe prize — is
    a Russian guy (Eugeny Sandow) cup. He is believed to be the first worlds
    body builder. And the greatest posing here is believed to be performed by
    another Russian guy, Alexander Vishnevsky. BUT a Russian guy has never been
    Mr. Olympia. In fact, guys from Russia never come close to that position
    for dozens of years of the contest. What an irony indeed.

    method1224 says:

    He was amazing!

    badboymod says:

    Guess what am doing :-p

    buster999121 says:

    i think we found our next terminator the T-10000

    steroidsR4losers says:


    Jpfixasej says:

    @TheMarx18 is that the song what begins 0:48 ?? :O

    yewin8836 says:


    SuperAustrianOak says:

    Well, if his bodybuilding carrer fails there’s always dancing…

    AtYourService010 says:

    Wow this was sick, respekt

    JRep Reptile says:

    @japslapr Yea it is saturated. Well if you are a natural pro bodybuilder
    nobody knows who the hell you are lol. Totally

    xermes says:

    That was bad ass, I can’t wait to be that defined.

    dietprogram100 says:

    Target the weaker areas first Your abdominal muscles have three different
    sections: the upper middle and lower abdominals. Each requires different
    workouts as no singular exercise will effectively target all three. Lyons
    says that its best to start work on the weaker lower abdominals first
    before targeting the stronger areas.

    kneelworship says:

    graceful??? you gotta be kidding……tell me how that best exhibits his
    body. Michael Jackson is dead! But fine body and great control just not for
    a bodybuilding contest.

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