Blitz Routine – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people

who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website.

Leroy teaches you the best exercises and the do’s and dont’s to help you maximize your bodybuiding gains.

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    lugiman11221122 says:

    That blitz routine is no joke

    Venom101002 says:

    Something I used to do to give a body part a little jump. Say you just
    finished your bicep work, doing BB curls. Grab a BB with aprox. 50% of the
    weight you usually use. Do one set, ten reps. Wait 20 seconds, do another
    set. If you can’t get to 10 reps, do as many as you can. Do a total of 5
    sets, 10 reps, or to failure. Odds are, you won’t be able to do 10 reps
    each set. This is a once in a while type thing. Do not try to do this at
    every workout. Good Luck.

    Ervin Midgette says:

    He rambles too much ,doesn’t get to the point.

    grimmersnee says:

    yeah, Leroy!!!

    Ripped Buddha says:

    His Main tip is listen to your own body and use the exercises that you feel
    work the best for you. Thats why he cant tell you exactly what to do.. if
    you want someone else to think for you then go to another channel because
    Leroy promotes thinking for yourself. ps strong avatar pic to “not
    trolling” ratio

    TheFake TimShufflebottom says:

    Of course he has knowledge! You are looking at the first man to build 21
    inch arms naturally. Please, show some respect at least.

    davidatas1 says:

    It was my email hehe

    Screamin Mime says:

    Does the non-over-ten rule apply to legs too?

    LIGHTandSTR0NG says:

    dude, he said that he used to train 3 times a week (every other day) and
    once in a while, he used to apply this “Blitz” routine, randomly to shock
    the muscles, it says it consists of increasing your workout sets from the
    normal 3 to 4 sets to 10 sets per exercise of less than 10 reps per set,
    and then he rested 3 days after that and went back to the normal training.
    It is so simple, that you might missed the info. Ppl these days are used to
    espect very complicated answers.

    naxis5000 says:

    3:36 he states 3 exercises for ’20 sets’. Maximum of 10 reps in his
    training (he stated he never did more tan 10 reps which surprised me). 20
    sets!!! I thought 10×10 with GVT was bad enough. After 20 sets on legs you
    would not be able to sit on the toilet for a week without morphine!

    RSUN2012 says:

    I take it no, but again it all comes down to your own rep ranges in squats
    to begin with…

    Ripped Buddha says:

    Leroy can You do a typical day in the life of your Diet When you was in the
    best shape of your life? I know in the past u talked about milk and steak..
    but can u break it down like.. For example I would wake I would eat this..
    I would train at this time and then eat this.. and so on? I already have my
    diet and training down However I am just curious and I think a lot of
    others would be curious as well. Thanks :)

    backnite1 says:


    Patrick Hart says:

    It was a little different. They would do it every three days for a month,
    take a week off, and then resume normal training. That was what his article

    Eric Blank says:

    If you listen to him you should be picking up some things, Like one vid he
    said dont take glutamine with protein powder as your wasting your money.
    The glutamine will be converted along with the protein powder to the wrong
    amino acid or something. Glutamine has to be taken alone as it self
    isolated at a different time. This is was mistake I was doing, mixing the
    glutamine with the protien powder. Glad I heard this advice.

    mikey777666 says:

    you have some good ideas, why dont you take the TIME to give information or
    free!? oh wait.. you just troll, fuck out of here.

    Nathan Young says:

    Once again, timeless knowledge Leroy, thank you for sharing!

    optimal natural bodybuilding says:

    Leroy needs more subs because he has soo much experience in bodybuilding
    more people need to know about him, Leroy your the best! :)

    windsofhealth says:

    Yeah I was very thankful for that info on Glutamine. I was doing it wrong.
    Now that I don’t take my glutamine with protein I’m noticing improved
    recovery & more fullness in my muscles.

    mikey777666 says:

    Stop watching then. Its very simple. Get your asses off the YouTube page.

    NiqueSir says:

    Fuckkk, I really wanna like this guy and listen to his knowledge, but ever
    video he just complains about other youtubers and just sits in that same
    damn chair… he needs to shake things up abit, stop hating and just spread
    the good advice that HE knows in a better way (eg slideshows, pictures,

    Adam Sabo says:

    If you can’t simply extract the information from what he says and use it,
    then it’s your fault for being a dip shit. Oh and not trolling.

    Adam Sabo says:

    Yes, but they do it all the time, this is just to provide your body with an
    alternative for a small window in order to break a plateau. So this is
    better than say the guy doing the split routine and then doing a week with
    drop sets or something.

    sheikh shakir says:

    You’re a King Mr. Leroy

    NiqueSir says:

    yeah ok, he promotes ” I just wanna help you guys because all these other
    idiots tell you bullshit” (other youtubers) and tells me to listen to my
    body lol… wtf I want tips and guidance, not to be told to think for
    myself but dont listen to no1 else bcz they talk bullshit.. feel what works
    best for me, upside down squats with kettlebells on my elbows feels good
    should i do that? (lil trolling there)

    Jay Johnson says:

    Correction, you just do the blitz not the workout as well in the same
    workout , blitz only once a month and then resume workouts in between

    erictello10 says:

    GREAT video as always leroy plz keep sharing your knowledge, and ignore the
    trolls. if you could go into a little more detail in another video on how
    often you would do a blitz routine and where the 3 exercises you would
    blitz on all the same bodypart or were they exersices for different
    bodyparts? keep up the good work leroy your knowledge of bodybuilding needs
    to live on forever.

    34bigpitbull says:

    hey Leroy say if I was doing 4 sets for all my exercise on a regular
    workout then I did the blitz method once I recover do I go back to my
    regular 4 sets or do I add more sets to my exercises

    lildrummerboy80 says:

    Leroy is the best, love his info. BUT… The “blitz” routine, sounds like a
    more modern volume routine. I understand he still trained his whole body
    but, he’d blitz a muscle, with 15-20 sets and then take 3-5 days off to
    recover. So, a guy hitting his body with high volume and training a muscle
    every 4-7 days, on a split routine, is essentially doing regular “blitz”

    RazvanSuican says:

    so the blitz is basicly an extended saturation principle. Instead of
    picking ONE muscle group and do 15 sets, you pick 3 ? Also, it must have
    been at least a 2 hour workout. Maybe I will try this before going on a
    hollyday or something.

    NiqueSir says:

    He dont give no ideas, I been watching all his vids since he first
    started… im waiting for some tips… he just talks alot of shit… i want
    some actual things i can go use in the gym… or tips what better things to
    eat, he hates on every other youtuber, but at least they actually give us
    SOMETHING to do. I dont get how you red my last message and think its

    mikey777666 says:

    Seriously, some dude responded the other day saying leroy was to vague when
    he said full body workouts… jesus can it get any clearer? i had to type
    him out what a full body workout was..

    Jesse Yates says:

    All u do is hate ppl u moron n u have no knoledge to spread

    Jesse Yates says:

    Tips to get big n u said no fukin tips juat how u forgot about your blitz

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