fitnex x5 kids upright exercise bike 20 Reviews

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fitnex x5 kids upright exercise bike
They say good habits start at the home and the Fitnex X5 Kids Upright Exercise Bike teach your kids a healthy lifestyle at a young age. Stationary cycling offers a cardiovascular and strength-building exercise that increases your kids metabolism for more efficient calorie and fat burning. The X5 Kids Upright Bike provides a remarkably comfortable and

effective, low-impact aerobic workout supported by a strong sturdy design and stable and safe platform. The flywheel freewheels when the user stops pedaling, limiting the injury possibility. Comfortable for users ranging from a height of 3ft4in to 5ft3in, the Fitnex X5 is a quality bike that will keep your kids living healthy and well right in the comfort of your own home gym.


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