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    itzDeaMan says:

    If you found this to be impressive please hit that like button and leave a
    comment thank you

    Daan Robbe says:

    It is fucking bane from batman

    FilipFS ~ EDITS says:

    imagine having a problem with this guy….

    Crookiiee says:

    His anger and energy is amazing.
    I fear for whoever steps in a ring against him!

    NuUhBro says:

    this guy is an animal id hate to get in the ring with him

    Zeron! says:

    Fucking hell I would love to be this guy..

    BryantStanfield says:

    Lol Bane when he’s angry

    Michel Charron says:

    The new Rocky Androoid. Very impress.

    dreamgetter13 says:

    Damn this guy needs a new punching bag each time he works out. But this
    kinda reminds of me of that commercial where the dude was doing all this
    fancy type shit and he gets in the ring and gets knocked the fuck out from
    the first kick.

    Jay Bird says:

    Only guy who can make jump roping look badass.

    Fritz Mueller says:

    This is cool and all but… Try taking away all the special effects ( I.e
    the shaking camera)

    RomysChannel says:

    Whereis the mask for? I’ve alwayswondered

    gorza014 says:

    the guy has like 90 kilos,and he does plunches,l-sit,running,jumping how??
    so much kilos and atlethic skils?

    Mitchell Colin says:

    If he has a channel please post the link

    brendonwong says:

    When he rag dolls the punching bag it reminds me of my cat when I put
    catnip in her toys :3

    foolinlove13 says:

    This dude is a legitimate badass just one suggestion switch out the wannabe
    Bane mask and put on Deathstroke the Terminator’ mask DC history for you
    for those of you that know

    hikari beast says:

    Did this guy have a match or somebody have video ? I want to see how he
    fight in chalenge

    Gimligim says:

    First what game is that song from

    Tommy Vong says:

    Hes like a super human hahaha awesome 

    jorge1R1V says:

    from where do u get this?

    Cirenio Pizano says:


    Rubenn Guerra says:

    Maquina de matar exageradaaaa OMG

    ArtjomGlad says:

    Some of it is fake lol

    broloe says:

    why that mask , just show ??

    TekkenH3AT says:

    That’s scary 

    OC Rapper says:

    Romyschannel-mask is for controlled breathing, apperqntly u get the sane
    affect with a flanbel

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