Obama To Allow Congress To Vote On Iran Deal

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John Iadarola (https://twitter.com/jiadarola) host of The Young Turks and guest Michael Shure (https://twitter.com/michaelshure) discuss a move by President Barack Obama to allow Congress to have final say over the Iran Nuclear Deal.

“President Barack Obama yielded to overwhelming support of Congress possibly playing a role in the Nuclear talks with Iran after even his strongest Democratic supporters in both houses demanded that he relent. The Senate has created a bill that will allow Congress power over any sort of deal that the Obama administration makes with the Middle Eastern country, putting a serious dampener on possible future talks in regards to Nuclear Energy.

The framework for Iran’s nuclear deal has been settled in early 2015 and the U.S., its allies in the European Union and Iran are all expected to sign the deal once it is finalized at the end of June.”

Why is Congress trying to be involved in this deal? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Read more here: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/15/us/senators-reach-deal-on-iran-nuclear-talks.html?_r=0


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    cruman87 says:

    Don’t fuck it up Congress. Who am I kidding, of course they’re gonna fuck
    it up. 

    leerman22 says:

    North Korea already has nukes! But america can’t fight them because they
    don’t have oil to steal.

    Sand Man says:

    Fuck you Obama!

    Mr. Atrophy says:

    Congress getting involved in the Iran deal is actually unconstitutional.
    the constitution clearly names the president as the negotiator, and
    empowers the senate only to confirm the Treaty. while a sole executive
    agreement follows international law and needs no approval. like NAFTA and
    CAFTA each make as exec. agreements.

    Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, includes
    the Treaty Clause, which empowers the President of the United States to
    propose and chiefly negotiate agreements, which must be confirmed by the
    Senate, between the United States and other countries, which become
    treaties between the United States and other countries after the advice and
    consent of a supermajority of the United States Senate.

    46619TAB says:

    bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran. And Obama caves again.

    Liberater4589 says:

    we need to stop nuclear armaments… unless they are friends with america
    or we don’t have any economic interest in that nation

    worldgate989 says:

    Bunch of sellout Democrats. Might as well flip parties to republican.

    MrGnarus says:

    As soon as the Iranian get rid of their program the U.S. will find a reason
    to bomb them. The Iranians better gear up for war.

    Frank Edwards says:

    “Fuck you” says the ignoramus unable to produce a counter-argument and
    struggles for a way to display transgression.

    Ugly Pyro says:

    Welp, looks like we don’t get to have an Iran deal.

    Dr. Martin Van Nostrand says:

    Iran wants sanctions lifted. They don’t give a fuck about internal US
    politics. They need the deal.

    KingAram99 says:

    republicans are killing America and our people are too blind to notice

    MysticViper says:

    When the republican filth realize they are no longer able to destroy the
    world, they will destroy america. Mark my words.-

    JesuisPepelepew says:

    john and michael having an interesting conversation that isn’t all
    rhetoric. TYT needs more of this

    Captain Freedom says:

    Anything to keep nuclear weapons out of their smelly brown Muzzie fingers.

    Peter Griffin says:

    Fuck Republicans.

    DreadzKaiser says:

    fuck you……everyone involved with this really

    June Leau says:

    Typical Obama

    mcAnthony1000 says:


    Alan antar says:

    i recommend you watch AMTV.the presenter,christopher greene predicted that
    there will never be a deal and it’s all just a big hoax!!

    AerosBlacko says:

    Say it with me…OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Sir Brenton H says:

    Should I move to Canada before its too late?

    genie0390 says:

    BS, Congress has the votes to override a Veto

    Hayden Clifford says:


    75willh75 says:

    Kristol 2016

    عمك عتيبي says:

    This is a very good move. Iran is a spreading cancer in the Middle East.

    Jax Smith says:

    This channel is teaming with dumbass LIBTARDS

    dcaseng says:

    It’s embarrassing that the President of the United States has to appease
    Congress like a bunch of petulant children screaming about a box of cereal
    on isle 9.
    Presidents have historically led when it comes to foreign diplomatic
    agreements and making deals, but even here this retarded Congress cannot
    allow him to do what every other President has been able to do without a
    bunch of retarded senators and congressmen screaming bloody murder.

    Hillary Smokedham Klinton says:

    Hopefully Russia will add a few hundred Migs to the missile defense system
    they are selling to Iran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fuck the U.S. and fuck its attack dog, apartheid, murdering,
    ethnic-cleansing, occupying, Zionist

    OldskolFan says:

    Nope, nope, dope…

    overunder 55 says:

    Now wait a second, liberals.

    I thought republicans committed treason when they dared to write a letter
    to Iran that merely explains how our system of government works with
    respect to agreements with foreign governments.

    How come Congress is suddenly relevant again?

    Looks like Barry’s dictatorial powers are waning.

    Breaking News says:

    This will undermine America’s reputation around the world. No one will
    trust your words or your deals again.

    jetsfan jetsfa says:

    liberals , how come the senators who wrote the letter saying the exact same
    thing are treasonis but obama is exempt?

    Commodore1236 says:

    So a country developed nuclear technology, and another different country
    gets to vote if they get to use it or not? am I the only one who thinks
    this is insane?
    If I was Iran I would have said fuck you to the US years ago, it’s really
    admirable that they are still willing to negotiate.

    pokecrafter2201 says:

    Executive Powers include directing government, commanding the Armed Forces,
    dealing with international powers, acting as chief law enforcement officer,
    and vetoing laws. Legislative Branch: Headed by Congress, which includes
    the House of Representatives and the Senate.


    Bane Tito says:


    jetsfan jetsfa says:

    as a libertarian, i applaud obama for following the rules of the
    constitution. #checksandbalances

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