Split Routine vs. Full Body Workouts – Leroy Colbert Bodybuilding HOF Member

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He

loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website. http://leroycolbert.com/

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    Philly Blunt says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but if you are doing full body on followed by a rest
    day then hitting full body again wouldn’t it make sense that a nice split
    of say push/rest/legs/rest/pull/rest/random would make recovery easier
    since it would only have to focus on smaller parts of the body when
    recovering? Just a question.

    Chris Gray says:

    Puzzle of the day. What came first Leroy or his dishwasher?

    Mr. Smith says:

    Leroy looks 55 years old , outstanding.

    Dina Reyes says:

    how many sets per body part?

    Agang Vincent Motsumi says:

    But the question is, is it possible to train every muscle group on ur body
    in one session? I am yet to see a full body workout that effectively
    targets every muscle without wearing out “unless if you are on drugs”.
    Second question how much time would it take 3hours, 4hours or more? In my
    opinion both methods work for different people. This guy is talking from a
    perspective of someone who is into bodybuilding as a career, and someone
    who can spend all day in the gym. But for some people that have jobs n shit
    and just wanna look whore ready then a split routine is best. Not trolling
    not hating just a thought!!!

    lordofthecxnts says:

    full is better because you get a full-body pump instead of just arms. when
    you lift 3 times a week, full body.. your WHOLE body is recovering during
    your rest periods. as opposed to doing chest and triceps on monday, and
    then back and biceps on tuesday, and resting on saturday and sunday. your
    body is still recovering from the last workout on monday, and then you go
    back in the next day and work another body part prolonging the recovery and
    stunting the gains ImO

    Brian Tim says:

    Beat my meat five times a day?! Sign me up for that!!

    Chad Vaudry says:

    I stopped split, and started full body everyday, and making impressive
    strength gains in just two weeks.

    Ellie K. Frazier says:

    In two month later on, you actually could get 10 pounds in muscle mass &
    get rid of 5 To 10 pounds in fat. You just need an effective workout
    program, appropriate nutrition plan & begin immediately

    Norwegian_Army says:

    OMG this video helped me a lot! Now I am going to do a full body workout
    routine. Thanks a lot MrYorkieLover Fitness for posting this video. God
    bless you 

    Jannes Joe says:

    i trained bro splits for years and always had the feeling that my body is
    not recovering well from the training which was leading to big soreness and
    depression. sometimes i stepped into the gym and wanted to leave
    immediately because i hated doing 12-15 sets for my back. once i let my ego
    behind and started full body workouts my life changed dramaticly.
    you may also check out the book “beyond brawn” my stuart mc robert. he
    discusses this whole recovery thing very well and gives a new perspective.

    Harvey Artagglacte says:

    Scientific proof demonstrate that it is possible to improve your muscles
    building process 2x-3x faster; by simply modify your nutrition plan.
    Because the time you spend on the gym is just 3% of all your time.

    ki flex says:

    i agree on this one point of full body workout ..because i do it …and it

    changeitonem says:

    hey says “you can beat your meat 5 times a day” Well I’m already a pro at

    lugiman11221122 says:

    Guys that are on the juice eat 12 times and workout twice daily. If you go
    to the gym and ask them they would tell you.

    M13Hitman says:

    God Bless U!

    budam buddha says:

    Really liked this video thanks.

    delcshimo says:

    if recovery is key than wouldn’t a split routine make more sense because
    your only training a muscle once a week rather than 3 on a full body?

    remuko18 says:

    I really want to try this out. A fullbody routine. I never thought i would.
    Although it sounds great but what would this full body workout look like?
    and do you do the same workout everytime? What would a week look like?
    monday fullbody wednesday fullbody friday fullbody sunday fullbody teusday
    fullbody etc. Would everyworkout last as long as needed? will i train to
    failure? beyond failure? How about heavy compound movements like squats
    more than once a week? am i supposed to stay high volume and not so heavy
    weight? Should i rest 30 seconds or 1 min perhaps more between sets? So
    much question i’m going to look more of these videos hoping to find more
    information. If anyone reads this i’m happy to hear what you think or know
    aswell as maybe a link to one of hes videos explaining.

    jono ozzo says:

    Trained for couple of years lower and upper split training and 4 day
    splits. Made decent gains but I feel a full body workout will make myself
    workout more symmetrically because of missed days on your legs or shoulders
    etc. I will give full body workout a go more often and see what works.
    Cheers on the advice . Thought you would get more cut from doing full body
    workouts because that’s what my friend said in the gym lmao. possibly 4 day
    full body workouts is too much for a non steroid user?

    MikeyCreation says:

    Which is better?!?!?!?? 

    Andrija Jan Franjcec says:

    What if you have sore muscles, one day rest for each muslce is too short ,
    for example after leg day i have sore muscles 3 days , pleas answer on my 2

    Albin Larsson says:

    I personally think that you should try both and follow your progress to see
    whats works best for YOU! And one thing do remember is that you will have
    more GAINS by doing what is fun, if it isnt fun you won’t have as much
    progress, countless of stuides have come to this. 

    Poyraz Goksel says:


    RIPmacdre187KCMO says:


    Hating Goon says:

    Man, confusing the hell outta me. Ok, Ok, got it so full body routine is
    best because I need sufficient rest yada yada yada. Say I workout 5 days
    where in there should my rest days be placed? I mean to get enough rest and
    recover..bla bla bla… Anyone?

    Kekeboy100 says:

    fullbody every other day, how many days a week? 3 or 4?? i really want to
    give this a try! I have always done splitt routine and am Natural.

    Old School says:


    Cheech Chong says:

    I train my body once a week and the results have been great! Although I’m
    thinking about doing FB routines to see what is like.

    Abdulkadir Abdi says:

    This information seems pretty accurate. I will start doing full body
    thanks gentleman.

    suliman khayyat says:

    the body say’s fuck you hahahaha

    Peter Olsen says:

    Great video. Thanks Leroy!

    deadpelicanguy says:

    I’m doing full body workout right now. I think he’s both right and wrong.
    He says split routines “don’t work no matter what.” I think that they do
    work- but he has a point about burning out. I’ve known many guys who got
    gains with four and five day splits- but they eventually quit. They use
    family, work, etc. as excuses, but I think that they really just burned
    out. I’ve seen it happen too many times to ignore. 

    customisedfitness says:

    I understand what Leroy says and those people saying ‘but I don’t have the
    time to hit all heads of the triceps in one workout etc’ don’t forget that
    you train every body part 3 times a week(1 on and 1 off day) and doing
    different exercises every workout will hit all parts! Probably all in
    all full body workout is better that split routine in the long run as you
    continuously hit all body parts during the week but have continuous rest
    too at the same time in between workouts!
    There is only one issue with it and I think that’s why many people chose
    split routine instead! Time! Many people only have 45 min to 1 hour to work
    out and they need to be out of the gym go to work etc. For a full body you
    will need 1.5-2 hours at least!

    Quentin Ha says:

    Great video! Loved all the information and facts.

    Andrija Jan Franjcec says:

    OK, but if i will train full body will it take too long , for example when
    im training chest and tricep it takes me 1 hour at least

    Dexter Haven says:

    This is my new workout:
    1. Lower body
    2. Grow day
    3. Upper body
    4. Grow day
    5. Lower body
    and so on..

    nusense808 says:

    God bless this dude. True legend. 

    jimmy jim says:

    thanks Leroy :)

    doritos1731 says:

    Amazing advice

    Bacda Fucup says:

    Switching to full body ASAP.

    Mind is power x says:

    wtf why did they changed the Joint bar? it was fucking green with a red
    dot, why the FUCK DID THEY CHANGED THIS SHIT< FUCK OFF. btw very nice video!

    leon369 says:

    24hours if enough recovery time you just need to train your nervous system

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