SYTYCD Bodybuilding Posing Routine

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Michael Faba performing the “Freestyler” posing routine on Season 3 of

So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

Special Thanks to:
Network Ten Australia
Freemantle Media


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    Cathy Andi Condon says:

    Seen you pose on stage and have always enjoyed what you bring to your

    Георги Петков says:

    Great discipline and very interesting point of view RESPECT!

    jorge fernandez says:

    Good video…

    fayette1983 says:

    with a body like that, I bet he is crushing pussies left and right!!!

    skbshuffle says:

    Awesome. I really enjoyed watching this. I think you have a really good
    point with your ‘converse of dance’ comment. It’s a shame they thought
    differently, but sometimes people just don’t know how to react to something
    new. Keep up the great work mate.

    T1no1 says:

    Bro thats crazy!!!! Epic

    jdmrider says:

    nice routine brother keep it up

    Flexmeister says:

    total beast dude

    MuttDogMendoza says:

    yeah well this guy looks natural

    UnderCoverStrongGirl says:

    Wooooow nice job super posing A++

    dxnkrishna says:

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    about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Max Muscle Method, you
    will discover how to bulk up quickly.

    johnnythao says:

    Love the performance! Great reflexes poses!

    UnderCoverStrongGirl says:

    Are you a twin

    anthony aesthetic says:

    I’m curious as to whether or not u fucked that judge behind stage. bhaha

    iwant2cthatass says:


    metalwarrior123 says:

    well this guy looks gay tho

    tamaddona says:


    Mark Rosolini says:

    omg! common this is ridiculous FOR SYTYCD ….yes he looks amazing and hats
    off to am amazing body , but dance hmmm no way !impossible and untrained
    guys learning a to do 3 pirouettes ,grand jete,splits etc etc hell no…

    1TuneAtTheWeek says:

    Terry crews is better

    electrofr34k says:

    interessting guy! well done

    Raven .Tsui says:

    amazing… at first i thought this would be shit but great job!

    swoldier1206 says:

    love it bro!! Good work, been keen to see the whole footage!

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