U.S. official: Jordan launches airstrikes against ISIS

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A U.S. official says Jordan is launching airstrikes against ISIS in

Syria as U.S. warplanes provide support. CNN’s Barbara Starr reports.


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    Rikaz Riffai says:

    screw the CIA plan…bombard all the ISIS a###holes.. US never does because
    they support ISIS, though they try to show they are against them

    Matt Stati says:

    What is so difficult for the world to understand? Why can’t the world
    collectively line up 500,000 troops, storm them, the whole war would be
    over in 2 days. Instead, most of the world sits by not wanting to get
    involved and waits for conditions such as in WWII. The world is PASSIVE,
    and no response to atrocities makes the world look WEAK and sends a
    horrible message to our youth, which is that of “NOBODY GIVES A FUCK.”

    David Northrup says:

    Kick ass

    zuraidah deydak says:

    USA eat war.
    Usa and war same worst.

    ddddcinc says:

    Only nuclear weapons will cure the problem. Anything less is a waste of
    time and money.

    Nitron DSP says:

    Thats how you play ball. Good stuff, Jordan.

    slippybits says:

    Welcome to WW3 dickheads

    Matt Stati says:

    Any chance of electing Jordan’s King as our next President? It’s shameful
    to the USA that Jordan has to teach us what leadership looks like. Unreal. 

    Glenn Balingit says:

    Waste them all !

    rola dura says:

    We can’t stop a terrorist attack!
    Everybody know that so Jordania
    Made a great shose to carring out
    The airstrike .

    Bruce Shepard says:
    A Cyr says:

    God bless the pilots transporting satan’s helpers (isis) to hell.

    John Howard says:


    Yassin Al Sharifi says:

    Alaah akbar ….. 

    Robihilator says:

    Go get em’ King!

    J br says:

    Carpet bombing runs and tactical nukes……..

    Fuck, get the Enola Gay out of retirement just for shits and giggles.

    Thang Nguyen says:

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