What Kind of Cardio is Best for You? HIIT VS LISS

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    Colossus Fitness says:

    What cardio is best for you?

    Comment below :)

    Matty Cuschieri says:

    I love implementing HIIT to break passed any fat loss plateaus !

    I believe both have a good role to play in any training program.

    Great video and topic man !

    The Strong Girls says:

    I prefer HIIT but when I have low energy levels, like during dieting, I
    switch to LISS. -Stef

    kendawgz fitness says:

    Great, Nice vid on the explanation of the diff!!!

    jake jefferson says:

    That there lighting ;) #halfnatty 

    LifeWithCass says:

    Thought this was a great video, enjoyed how you really talked about it from
    your experience and alternative perspectives as opposed to just giving us
    facts! I personally prefer HIIT, but like you said it is definitely hard on
    the body so I do LISS on occassion :) … Well… when I do cardio .. woops

    HipHopExclusive says:

    Thanks for some great food for thought. Who’s lane norton? I hear you guys
    mention him a lot. Don’t all kill me for not knowing if he’s big aha. 

    JP Dunas says:

    interesting :) , just running 5k + and kind of cardio crossfit

    mickyboarder says:

    Very knowledgeable, and insightful. Keep up the great work brother. 

    Anderson Petersen says:

    I personally enjoy HIIT, some great points there 

    saad jamal says:

    Hiit cardio all the way bruh, shreds the fat fast and makes you explosive,
    I feel liss makes you loose your gains and strength!

    Local Fit says:


    threedabs glenn says:

    hitt is awesome i love if dont have enough time to stay in the gym i do

    TheGiantfox says:

    Sprints niggas

    Ryan Fit says:

    Liss.. 20-25 mins of uphill walking on the treadmill after my workouts with
    an incline of 15 does the trick for me 

    properproductionTDOT says:

    good tips.

    Tom Shufflebottom Fitness says:

    I’m a liss fan myself

    jeff sayaon says:


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