Strength Training | Functional Fitness Workout

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    TjvybeZ says:

    I’ve never seen such small guns lol!!!!

    mrclancydog says:

    That is a good workout. I do the step ups with weight for time (5 minutes)
    instead of reps and I replace the last exercise with regular Turkish Get

    Tim Boles says:

    Hate to be negative. Appreciate that ur trying to educate others but it’s
    hard for me to value anything coming from someone that doesn’t appear to be
    in fit condition or actually practice these exercises often. If you have
    been doing them they obviously don’t work. 

    Martin Michaels says:

    Dude, most people
    CANNOT do your workout!!!
    get real man

    hollaATTkevin says:

    this is cardio, not strength training

    LogansRun91 says:

    @hollaATTkevin You are correct in the fact that it’s not the best strength
    training. However, that lack of pure strength workout is subbed in by
    functional strength gain. Functional strength gains are much more useful
    then just lifting some huge amount of weight to look big.

    dan phillips says:

    he might be skinny,but so am i and i am stronger and fitter than most
    people i know that are twice the size of me!!!!

    LogansRun91 says:

    @hollaATTkevin and parkour. Just natural movement.

    valiantfitness1 says:

    Good Stuff. Increase the weight if you need to.

    Gregory Arellano says:

    yes!! I spent forever looking for something like this!! all I have are
    dumbbells and I’ve been looking for something more to do with them for
    athletic prowess rather than useless muscle (for functional strength
    training) I’m so happy I found this,

    beecee90 says:


    valiantfitness1 says:

    Good Stuff!

    ivoandsumi says:

    I don’t think thats all that hard I mean It looks like beginer stuff

    ivoandsumi says:

    the technik of this looks very hard

    spirit241000 says:

    So you guys think he’s not working muscles at all? Even If it’s endurance
    he’s still training to strengthen muscles to go for longer next workout.

    p7589 says:

    @Crissix100 thanx,

    trickzter1 says:

    those spiderman planks are badass! Those would be great for gymnastics

    shutupanplay says:

    These are all fantastic workouts, thank you.

    Brad Dawson says:

    is this from

    Ellis Rennie says:

    @ivoandsumi *technique

    klevdav says:

    This is good but tommorrow go heavy on da sqauts

    InCaseOfSilence says:

    Why didn’t he use a kettlebell during the swing exercise in the beginning?

    Ellis Rennie says:

    @p7589 *supplement

    hollaATTkevin says:

    @LogansRun91 thats why people need to look into crossfit

    MegaRocco1973 says:

    i do this man it is tough

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