30 Mins Aerobic Dance Workout – Bipasha Basu Break free Full Routine – Full Body Workout

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Bipasha Basu herself performs a 30 mins hardcore dance aerobic workout and shows us her cool moves and a graceful way to lose weight. This 30-minute dance workout improves stamina, endurance and strengthens the abdominal muscles. A total body workout Break Free is a complete

stress buster which allows you to have fun while you burn fat. Live Happy & Healthy Everyday!!To Watch More Videos SUBSCRIBE NOW – https://www.youtube.com/GoodHealth24by7. Like, Comment and Share with your friends and family. Connect with us on :- Facebook – www.facebook.com/ShemarooEnt. Twitter – www.twitter.com/ShemarooEnt


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    DoanTrang Nguyen says:


    dariusdise says:

    And of course they have to have wind blowing through her hair for the

    Shama Shezadi says:

    Pretty bland and boring. No hot Bollywood tunes to dance to!

    Sam Cole says:

    This is the most make up i have seen on an exercise instructor and not to
    forget the fan blowing their hair, lmao….

    Kae Lewinski says:

    Anybody seen results? 

    serena angel says:

    i have only one question …
    if i do this everyday will i lose weight ??? 

    bethersmotavator says:

    just completed this! I love it! sweaty and fun. never knew who the “leader”
    was til this video but my shes beautiful like a goddess. reminds me of
    Victoria justice lawd

    Nurto Suleiman says:

    Stupidity yuck she si dumb what she thinks performing bollywood song here
    her hair bowing what was she think made fool out if herself gosh this
    stupid indians

    babygirl 118 says:

    woah i got super toned after doing this! i love dance and its a healthy and
    funner way to excerise! thanks and im gonna keep doing this

    ingridadelaida says:


    MrJabber22 says:

    It’s strange, after watching this video I found that only one of my body
    parts got a work out…

    Ja-Tina Geter says:

    lol I love how her hair is blowing like beyonce

    arelunk says:

    She’s just so pleasant to look at throughout the whole routine with her
    never ending smiles and energy. I could watch her do all the moves while
    eating popcorns, really. Truly an amazing entertainer, and a workout
    instructor, Bipasha Pasu. :3

    Ashley D says:

    did this for the first time
    the bebginning was good but in the end I couldn’t to anything I really
    tried but the moves were to fast to follow :(

    Zeedew says:

    not only a great workout but you also get to stare at a really hot chick
    the entire way through!! does it get any better? any guys here to agree??

    Lindiane Lobato says:

    Nossa… Essa semana vou fazer em casa. Não entendo sua linguage mas dá
    para ver seus passos. Me increvi seu canal

    CatMoca says:

    Are there any other dance workouts by her (or maybe even another
    instructor) that you recommend? Please and thank you :)

    Nicole Butler says:

    GREAT African dance workout. Thanks for posting.

    peardrax77 says:

    It’s very very VERY windy in there

    Iti Kaushik says:

    I am doing this since last 2 weeks………. this is fun!!!!!!! Thanks :)

    Ruchika Mittal says:

    pls answer .. does it help in losing weight ??

    Manar Younes says:

    how much calorie does this burn ?

    Vara Lakshmi R says:

    it worked for me
    seeing lot of change
    thanks for uploading this video in youtube
    thanks alotttttttttttt

    Rita Khatun says:

    this was amazing! how can a woman workout and still look so beautiful and

    swapna mona says:

    Amazing to watch this video. I liked this aerobic dance workout very much;
    this will work as whole body workout.

    Lydia D C says:

    GOOD JOB,Bipasha! i enjoyed it! ;)

    tradeconsalting says:

    music is shit

    Rachel Rai says:

    Well that was fun :) I think I got some new dance moves to show off :) !


    thank you for this video..really worked for me :D

    khaddy islam says:

    Do you lose belly fat after doing this workout?

    shamim zaman says:
    Dayu M. Selim says:

    She is really inspiring. Love all the steps that has been guided by this
    beautiful bollywood actress throughout the Full Body Workout. My 1st
    attempt and I’m going to do it again while watching this video. Totally
    inspired! Thank you Bipasha Basu. Break Free!

    wilmajean nicolas says:
    Andrew Holzer says:

    i just watch this to masturbate.

    bundeokd dinh says:

    tải xem không được :(

    Rachelle LaBelle says:

    Wow. This is an excellent video. I really like that I get to work out and
    learn some beautiful dance moves at the same time. 

    Nadia Espinoza says:

    not too bad ! just the music kind of boring

    iezVogue says:


    那就來點動感的健身動作吧 ^^

    超辣女教練教妳30分鐘跳舞健身 (WOW!) 

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