30 Mins Indoor Aerobic Workout – Bipasha Basu Unleash Full Routine – Full Body Workout

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Bipasha Basu is known to be the epitome of fitness and hardcore regime in Bollywood. In this video she tells us of how to do a rigorous 30 mins workout and burn the fat outta u. Unleash can help improve your lung,heart and circulatory function. The routine helps

strengthen the bones and improves muscle coordination,It burns major calories and greatly assists in weight loss.

Live Happy & Healthy Everyday!!

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    Sorina Nichita says:

    I have done this workout 5 times a week for 2 weeks. I lost 2 kg.

    WonderIndigo says:

    I like this Workout! I miss a little bit abs Exercises :) The Music ist
    good :) I hate Workouts without Music or good music :) So Love yourself :)

    suzain ali says:

    I tried several workouts over the years. This is by far the best. Really it
    is a total body workout as bipasha claims. First day i thought how an it be
    total body workout. But after 3 days i realized i was wrong it really works
    on total body with bio metric moves. I am very thankful to you bipasha. All
    you people over there trust me if you do every day u will surely see the

    Astearah chan says:

    Does this help getting toned up? How long should I do this?

    Latoya Locks says:

    This workout is challenging, but doable, since she does not stay on one
    move too long! I will definitely add this workout to my routine! : )

    Mariana Correa says:

    Does it works for weight loss projects?
    How many calories does it burn this routine?

    Sweet2Rani says:

    Really loved it!

    Ohood Sa says:

    Can pregnant women do this workouts??!

    Pivot Boom says:

    she looks like angelina jolie…great workout

    Kristen Shepherd says:

    Found my routine. Not to demanding something any beginner like me a mom of
    3 can do..diff gonna give this a try

    Cherise Machaba says:

    i love that she does it with us, and doesnt just walk around like an
    inspector. were have you been all my life!

    Scandina Santana says:

    At 1st I cud not fully follow everything i always got exhausted on the way.
    Now i find it easy :-) (after 6-7 times)

    Daksha Godhania says:

    Does this help to lose belly fat? 

    Lovely Sister says:

    Best of the best workouts……I love this!!

    Angela says:


    TRUPTI PAWAR says:

    This workout is the best one i hv found ,the squats and lower body
    exercises really works beautifully.. Thanks bipasha.. love this very
    much.. m sure i lost my weight very soon….

    Ahmeema Ahmed says:

    Wow !!

    Benjalak Beck says:

    ออกกำลัง ร่างการสดชื่น แข็งแรงดีค่ะ

    Prabha Gupta says:

    This workout is the best one i hv found …becoz 1) clear instruction in
    both written n audible form 2) enjoyable background music 3) mix up of all
    exercise for each body part in a single routine !!!! ……….so
    impressed …tht i ordered a DVD for Unleash vol 3 ….thinking tht i
    might hv some more enjoyable routines by Bipasha…….but
    …..Disappointed ….DVD contains this SAME routine only :(((

    Sheila Barlow says:

    Hiphop exercise

    Pallavi Mehta says:

    Best thing about this workout is that its not that tiring like most cardio
    workouts are. However the squats and lower body exercises really works
    beautifully in toning. Athough beginners should not start immediatly and
    start with Bipasha’s ‘break free’ regime first for minimum 4 weeks and 4
    times a day.

    Emina Pandzic says:

    Love this workout !!!

    ganga athauda says:

    love this workouts!!!!!!!!!!

    Toni Dudson says:

    Amazing workout, really makes you sweat literally.

    Bappah Aysha says:

    Relly loved it..

    ThatsHeartable says:

    Please keep posting more of these videos! It was great!!

    iqra ahmad says:

    Amazing workout 

    Salome Abuladze says:
    LionRoseProductions says:

    loved it! so much fun
    and I’m definitely sweating :)

    Mar Zin says:

    you are great girl. I love you and your exercises :-* :-)

    Tae Bo Fitness says:

    very good congratulations for videos, excellent exercises for weight loss,
    I have some aerobic videos, if you want the a look at my channel

    Corina Soliz says:

    Loved it! I also love the break free dance routine!

    Farahnaaz Oemar says:

    This one actually looks promising (compared to her dance workouts LOL)!
    Gonna try it :D

    Francesca L says:


    Lisa Caruso says:

    Are they hearing the music?? They are not on the beat at all. Otherwise,
    excellent workout.

    Felicity Daly says:

    Fantastic! But really tough for a very unfit beginner like me :P

    maricel dando says:

    i am on my 4th day of this workout it makes me sweat and i feel much
    lighter and more energy..i would definitely stick to this and hoping to
    lose weight in 3months with proper eating habit..thank u so much for this
    workout video i love it

    Mizyal Wibawaningrum Aniesiyah says:

    Its really great. Im sweating. Yay

    vaijanthi28 says:

    love this. Didn’t enjoy her Break Free video as much because it wasn’t as
    hardcore as the description said it was. But this one really made me break
    out in a sweat. Bipasha, you rock!

    deepti namdeo says:

    Too good :)

    Ubedulla Tariq says:

    This video is amazing.i was dipping into sweat means it works nd it’s nt so
    difficult as well .want to know how many calories do we burn after dng it?

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