5 Best Exercises to Flatten your Lower Belly

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Flattening the lower abs is possible with a combination of proper training and clean eating. Today I’m going to show you the best moves that will tighten your ab muscles so that they won’t protrude. Train hard and follow this months free workout calendar here: http://bit.ly/1deRt3S

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Top from: http://solowstyle.com/
Bottoms from: Forever 21

Filmed and edited by Brad Etter

Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine’s Best Healthy Living Blogger.


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    blogilates says:

    Happy Monday guys! Time to kill week 2 of #MIGHTYMARCH!!! Follow this
    month’s awesome workout calendar on http://www.blogilates.com! POPsters
    everywhere are doing it. Y’all look HAWT! <3 

    kiley a says:

    You talk to much just do the workouts already

    JoJo Koziol says:

    just found this channel a little bit ago and i can already tell youre one
    of my favourite YouTubers. youre so inspiring!… i think im going to start
    working out now

    PhilanaZoie says:

    Anyone else’s hip pop/click all the time? Know what it’s from or how to
    stop it/ reduce it? My form is fine but I wonder of anyone else has this

    Jamiee Vital says:

    I sorta just sit in my chair watching these type of videos telling myself
    that I`ll do it later lol

    Erika Suarez says:

    All these workout make my lower back hurt sooo bad !! Does anyone know why

    TheTeenGirlLooks says:

    Is this helping? (for girl what need burn fat) :) 

    MisticDreamer09 says:

    I’m just starting the MOVEmber calandar (just finished some beginner stuff
    first), but when I got to this point I had to stop because I threw up. What
    can I do to stop this? I’m not eating before hand, so am I just doing too
    much at once? 

    Jenna Han says:

    I just finished this workout..idk how you can keep that pretty smile on the
    whole time xD I look like Im about to give birth hahaha, anyways thank you
    for this amazing vid <3

    Zachary Fiorido says:

    I love this routine! I always feel it right after! Love it!

    Aya Labnine says:

    Ui did it and man my stomachs is hurting 

    Renee Davies says:

    you have got me insired to do fitness and so far I have lost 5 POUNDS!!!!
    thank you, and oh Im still losing weight thanks to you and Im starting to
    get really fit and healthy!!!

    girlfromdabay93 says:

    These hurt my lower back

    Life of Bel says:

    I actually feel more pressure in my waist than my stomach when I’m doing
    the double leg lift. Is that normal?

    Heather Johnson says:

    If you do this everyday how long do you think it will take you to lose
    about 10 pounds ?

    Renlish says:

    This is a great workout but people PLEASE remember that you cannot “spot
    lose” weight meaning; you cannot target specific areas to lose weight from.
    Scientific fact – it just cannot happen unless you choose to go the
    cosmetic surgery route (liposuction, etc). As Christine says, these
    exercises tighten muscles and tone which creates better form and posture
    and gives the appearance of slimming.

    wonderwendyyy says:

    I just started blogilates the past two weeks. And all I can say is I wish I
    had started it sooner! I think I was stubborn that it wouldn’t be “enough”
    of a workout for me, but just one video and I’m sweating, but a few more
    and it’s a whole body workout and still not as long as say, a whole studio
    class somewhere else. Yay! Makes me super happy! Thank you! 

    HelloImMrs Smith says:

    she makes it look so god damn easy…

    Michelle Dang says:

    yeah sounded like i was giving birth

    Samantha Olson says:

    do you recommend doing cardio before or after these workouts? or does it
    not really matter?

    kiley a says:

    You talk to much just do the workouts already

    Stef Sim says:


    Riley Woodman says:

    omg watched the video, then re watched it and actually did the workout and
    now it hurts to sit up! Haha :D feeling so much better and already feeling
    better for myself!! Thanks so much!!

    MsCelebrityCrazy says:

    I watch your cheap clean eats because I love food, then I click on your
    exercise video without the intention of doing them but you’re so
    motivational that I do! Thanks!

    karen hernandez says:

    So I just clicked of this video and the ad that started playing is “How to
    Make the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie” -_-

    Shawna Feinman says:

    Lower abs are not my problem, so this video was easy!!

    Christine Choi says:

    Those Rockets are flipping killers! Aaaaahh! Love you Cassey♡ 

    Roxane Pogut says:

    I did this workout for the first time 10 months ago I think, I remember
    hwow hard it was ! Now it’s so much easier, it’s amazing how you can see
    you’re improving ! :)

    Vanessa Lee says:

    I did your “quick ab” workout for around a month now, and i see that my
    stamina was improving and man i killed this work out :D And i might have
    some abs soon hehhe

    Sara Anderson says:

    Probably the hardest ab workout that Cassey has ever made. COME ON

    Kitty K says:

    I’ve been following casseys calendar since july now… But I don’t see any
    changes. I’ ve never been overweighted or something so there’s not much fat
    that could cover my ‘abs’…. I don’t know what to do… 80% diet but i
    actually don’t wanna lose weight but gain weight… :/ however I love your
    videos cassey!!! 

    Aleespianokeys says:

    so for the leg lifts, should your back be completely flat on the ground?

    Beautycouture says:

    She talks “a lot” so that you are distracted from the pain and she trying
    to motivate you.

    smellykat89 says:

    I love this workout! You get me super motivated because you make working
    out fun

    Jessica Scoates says:

    love love love this workout

    ohheydarciemae1121 says:


    Danna Castillo says:

    Just did it… I feel like POW in my abs!!! I love this workout yesterday I
    would always tumble down but the next day I made it through! Thanks

    Tama Sue says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent. I love doing your

    Amanda Pounder says:

    This is my new fave Blogilates W.O!

    Kassi Kangas says:

    Blogilates is the only channel where I never skip ads. :D

    WakaiBi says:

    How do you do this without hurting your lower back? cause i’m new to
    exercise :S

    mxshellx says:

    that was brutal, but i felt the buuuurn :)

    Jessica Wang says:

    I was like Psh… The rocket won’t be NOTHING!!! No, it was something. This
    is great. Thanks a lot! :-)

    vivien murphy says:

    I just do 1 min of jumping jacks then go up until j can’t handle it I like
    to go to 5 or 8 and that is the workout i do 3 times a week and I walk and
    hour every day I’m not doing that but keep in mind I do that to just stay
    in shape

    Ave_April says:

    Wouldn’t this make your lower tummy larger since you are working and
    BUILDING muscles on your lower abs?

    Mayra Vega says:

    I was only able to do the last move 3xs lol its so HARD ! By the end of
    this week i expect myself to be able to do this exercises perfectly! 

    QUACKmj says:

    may i ask, why does my back arch when i do the leg raises? even when my
    hands are under the tail bone. It’s hard to control, my back just arches
    automatically, and it’s affecting how i do the workout.

    OneLove Phia says:

    Ill try it..

    Omni Focus Fitness says:

    To be clear, none of these exercises directly rid you of adipose tissue
    (fat) in that specific region.

    The body pulls on your adipose stores when you are in a caloric deficit,
    and while working your abs will make them “pop” more, if you are not lean
    enough through a caloric deficit, you will see no improvements with the
    exercises done in this video.

    However, that being said, if this makes you happy, gets you moving, or
    anything positive – then by all means have fun! 

    Katelyn Renbarger says:

    Every time I do this workout, when Cassey says “It’s the rocket!” I feel
    like I’m getting on a roller coaster ride or something XD

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