BarreConcept ® – Ultimate 20 minute barre exercise workout

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BarreConcept – the hot new barre workout spreading the globe. This 20 minute BarreConcept workout will tone the thighs, lift your butt, sculpt your arms and flatten your abs! The full class ins available on

our DVD, so please note that there is no warm up, cool down or stretch section shown here. Taught by founder of Pilates Union and creator of BarreConcept, Emma Newham. Filmed at MyBody Studios.


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    Jessica Foo says:

    I have really bulky big calves as it is, from a lot of sport. Would these
    exercises make them bigger? :

    818poochie says:

    Can you do those push ups against the stand alone barre without toppling

    Gwendolyn Moore says:

    Outstanding, how do I become an Instructor?

    Cher M says:

    so compared to hard core HITT does this workout burn many calories?

    Bellini Pilates says:

    Bellini’s is offering Barre workouts in Studio II ~

    IRUM AZHAR says:

    BarreConcept ® – Ultimate 20 minute barre exercis…:

    Sheena Gamas says:

    Hello! May i know the title of your music?! very nice for a pilates barre

    CrazyJujuBee says:

    Battement means to beat not to kick :)

    cathyorange says:

    Great change to boring workouts. Something new for me!!

    Zoe Harvey says:

    Do you know the average calories burned for a 25 minute barre class?

    hang tran says:

    wow, i like your instructor . So clearly, enthusiasm and amazing

    Jackie aldana says:

    i love this work out! awesome! thank you so much…..

    littleblondemop says:

    Just read about this workout on someone’s blog. Now I want to try it! Seems
    like this would help with flexibility and major toning,etc.

    Allison Kaplan says:

    awesome barre workout!

    Lauren Smith says:

    This looks amazing, and also, the kind of workout a fit person does to stay
    in shape :)

    Peg Verbeten says:

    What is the name of the collapsible bar you are using in your video? I
    would like to buy one if possible.

    karendarling1 says:

    love it love it love it, thank you for sharing!!!

    Alexandra Lucca says:

    Wow, I haven’t taken ballet in 6 months and I am preparing for an intensive
    class this summer…. You are now my go-to-girl for conditioning!! Great
    video :)

    Pearlie Castle says:

    Is this ok for someone with emphysema and asthma? I find normal exercise

    Transform My Body says:

    OMG — this looks tough — I don’t think my body will stretch that much

    Christine Reitzel says:

    I absolutely love this workout! Thank you for sharing.

    bdl70 says:

    This is one of my favourite videos thank you fir sharing

    Cathy Hamilton says:

    Awesome video!!! Thank you!!

    Lacey Maeseele says:

    This is great!! Thanks for sharing!

    Shelly Giggey says:

    I would MUCH rather do this than hard core HITT (which I’m not a fan of).
    GREAT video!
    I’m looking for more variety in for my classes that I teach.

    Janka Thompson says:

    Great video for first timers!

    Christie Hartman says:

    Where can I purchase the free standing ballet barre that is being used by
    the instructor? I can’t find a folding one anywhere. 

    Leora Goldberg Acoca says:

    great results !!!!

    Yasamen Haba says:

    I love these exercise, I am going to lean on my heating and do it. ;-)

    marian Upton says:

    you are terrific

    Aruna Lien says:

    you are an amazing teacher!!!..please do more videos…Barre videos that
    is!! :)

    Renee Phillips says:

    Loved this video. Thanks so much for posting

    Elle Marie says:

    Do you have an estimate as to how many calories this will burn for someone
    slightly overweight? 

    tlove469 says:

    omg killer workout i can barley walk right now

    Surirygirl says:

    Thank you for having normal women in this video instead of sticks! It gives
    me hope!!!

    Stacy Roberts says:
    Cathy Rucker says:

    I love this work out with this instructor . Can I get this on a DVD?

    ruthynycsave100 says:

    This was the 1st time I did a ballet barre work-out. I did not realize how
    excellent it was and I actually built up a nice sweat! Will do this one
    again! Thanks !

    Decca The Determined says:

    Channeling my inner ballerina today :)

    swoopius says:

    The instructor is an absolute doll!

    Pilates Union says:

    Glad you like it Deb. We are going to be adding a lot more choreography
    clips to the BarreConcept website soon. I will keep you posted.

    Pilates Union says:

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    srm says:

    I have muscly legs. If I do these exercises, will it tone my legs? I’m
    really embarrassed wearing shorts because they show my muscly legs.

    Pilates Union says:

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Pilates Union says:

    Good for you and good luck with your workouts.

    regj lange says:

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