Best Stability Ball Exercises For Beginners – 12 min Workout

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Total body workout with stability ball, specifically created for core training and total body toning. Best for beginners. Tone your abs, core, butt, legs, and more. Try Gymra for 30 days free. Cancel any time.


Howto & Style

Core fitness workout routine with Swiss Ball. Core training and stability for the beginners.
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Produced by Mark Amin and Co-produced by Sam Pirnazar


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    Gian Dacanay says:

    You’re so cute! :D

    Angela V says:

    This is an excellent workout that easily fits into my daily schedule .

    Sharon M. says:

    Are there different sizes one can use

    lobreddemon says:

    The first exercise is not for guys

    -艾勒 马德琳 says:
    Arun Raghav says:

    Best Stability Ball Exercises For Beginners – 12 min Workout

    Suds P says:

    Great exercises, gorgeous instructor. A winning combination.

    Romanita Puente says:

    Can you do some of these exercises with weights? Like the seated torso

    bdarnell1966 says:

    Wow, she may be the most beautiful girl on the planet. WOW!!!

    Laser Solutions says:

    Best Stability Ball Exercises For Beginners – 12 min Workout

    Lex Quincey says:

    Great! It’s really best stability ball exercises for beginners. I liked and

    Stella Murachelli says:
    V. Virangaar says:
    Nina Marika Finne says:

    X-moves too

    Katie Kates says:

    Nice work out I just tried it myself! 

    NeonAera says:

    I’m getting a fitness stability ball soon. These look like great beginner

    Thanks, GymRa!

    Philip Oney says:

    Great stretch.

    pilar gomez says:


    heyokkie says:

    holy cow, she is gorgeous!!

    Ole Jeff says:

    what is the best size ball for somebody 6′ or 6′ 1″ ?

    Maria Aparecida Gomes says:

    Very good!

    Malgorzata Listwan says:

    You’re beautiful!!!!!!

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