Fitness Blender Standing Ab Workout – Toning Standing Abs Exercises

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    BabyC Belly says:

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ladybug!!!!!!

    Avi Kolapo says:

    Hey guys n dolls, I’ve just finished sweating it out to this standing abs
    It’s pretty easy so I’d recommended you give it a go. 3 rounds of
    exaggerated movements. Long repetitions so it gives you time to get into
    the moves and because their long it feels really good for longer.
    Enjoy. let me know if you liked it :)

    Fitness Blender Standing Ab Workout – Toning Stan…:

    Gabriela Robles says:

    Even though it wasn’t fast pace I was sweating so much, I enjoyed a lot!!!

    TheTabbi1 says:

    All 3 rounds complete!! Just as effective as floor ab work. = )

    Denise Pelkey says:

    <3 Very low impact today <3

    Tania Palomares says:

    Since I’m a beginner. . This workout is intense. . I love all your videos.
    .. i started working oit about 2 months ago and i love how my body is
    transforming. .. 

    Beyhan Kara says:

    Fitness Blender Standing Ab Workout – Toning Stan…:

    Kim Ngo says:

    i sweat like a pig ewww lol

    Vallampati Sudharsan says:
    Naeefah Abrahams says:

    Fitness Blender Standing Ab Workout – Toning Stan…:

    Ellen Rose says:

    Felt more like a hamstrong workout!

    sandra tran says:

    Is this is a hiit workout?

    noorany rahim says:

    Fitness Blender Standing Ab Workout – Toning Stan…:

    Siti Masreen Rosdi says:

    I finished this but is stuck with pain on my right lower back. Is this
    normal? I think it’s because of the bending down routine.

    Mara Crabtree says:

    First time doing this. It’s kicking my butt! Great workout. Hope to be able
    to do all three rounds in the not too far future :-)


    more like standing back workout… jeez

    cxistitina says:

    lo termine!!!! costó!!!!!

    Stanly Manly says:

    Is it normal for things like the bentover back extensions to hurt in the
    knees rather than the abs? i’m not very flexible and cant keep paralel to
    the ground like her.

    Jenna Melendez says:

    i just started this week, i weight 161 lbs. i love the workouts 

    reklezz24 says:

    is your lower back supposed to hurt i dont know if i was doing one of the
    workouts right (didnt really feel like i was) now my mid to lower back is
    so sore

    Ana Glacy Oliveira de Souza says:

    Bom diiah!

    All4Reborns says:

    Workout #29 complete. I am almost a full dress size down now…woot!!

    Nor Lyana Mohd Ramli says:

    Fitnessblender what do u think of venusfactor? Spam or real deal?

    Luz Arellano says:

    Umm I did this workout but I didn’t feel it in my core or back back .? I
    felt it on my thighs and calves but I am dripping sweat , is it supposed to
    feel like that ?

    Fred Corral says:

    it really works. it feels good after the work out. thank you very very

    Nikki Gole says:

    this one makes me dizzy,

    Graham Hague says:

    Fitness Blender Standing Ab Workout – Toning Stan…:

    RobandKathleen Baggio says:

    This really made me sweat !!! But for days after the back of my legs
    killed and no where else. Huh !!!

    aki says:

    Will this be effective for belly fat?or is it just for toning abs?

    Gabrielle Rivera says:

    In order for me to lose belly fat. Should I do strength training after

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