HASfit 5 Minute Standing Abs Workout – Standing Ab Exercises – Abdominal Exercise Standing Up

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Burn your core with this awesome standing abs workout! No need to get down on the floor with HASfit’s standing ab exercises. Visit http://hasfit.com/workouts/home/ab/standing-abs-workout/ or http://hasfit.com/at-home-ab-workouts for the standing ab workout instructions, more videos, free meal plans, and other health tips. http://hasfit.com for the best free standing abdominal workouts and ab exercises standing up routines for men and women at home or in gym. We provide fitness programs for varying fitness levels because every heart and soul deserves to be fit.

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    Jack luis says:

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOVE this one 

    Mai Nguyen says:

    Oh i know someone is very, very over weigh out there with a belly almost to
    the floor and he will see my post and I hope I can help him to save his
    life by using this method for a start.

    Bertie Blue says:

    he the man

    Chris Brown says:

    I do this 6 rounds everyday

    JukuMania says:

    Who needs a $70 gym membership when you can do Hasfit videos while getting
    the same results free!!!! 

    VimoFit says:

    VimoFit is the first ever Wear Fitness app and winner of the Google Android
    Wear Hackathon.
    Download Free Now! http://goo.gl/g8LEp6


    Ok. This is the best one. 

    B Cuz says:

    Outstanding workout drills. Great pace. Grab a water bottle & towel get
    after it, man.
    Gut is the enemy..beat It !
    I like to mute & turn on music with rapid rhythm.
    Thanks, Coach

    Kazaf Chen says:

    how much should i do this ab workout each day?
    i m 150 lbs and 5 ft 3
    wanna back to 110 lbs
    pls help me out
    i tried this one today
    real good
    did twice and sweaty now

    Mota Boat says:

    Just found about HasFit this month and the workouts are great.

    Stephanie Hamar says:

    Oh, this is awesome. He seems like the nicest person ever. Like he should
    live with koalas and care bears; but here he is, teaching fitness! Also
    the videos are great. I just can’t get over the initial impression that he
    finishes a video and then moves on to his side job of giving free ice cream
    to strangers and helping wounded animals. (This is supposed to be a
    compliment; I hope it’s taken that way!)

    Veronica Eccles says:

    Thank you!!! Trying to get fit : )

    johnathan del rio says:

    love the feeling he gives of motivation

    ジュードアルビン says:

    just started your program.nice videos keep up the good work

    Laney C says:

    this feels so much easier & fast for me then doing it on the floor :D I did
    it 4 times!! :P

    Michael Gabriel says:

    This was awesome….best find on YouTube in a long while….thank you and
    God Bless you. This comes from a person with back issues and laying down
    was not an option. Thank you again!!!!!!

    Jerry Shivers says:

    This workout gets me sweating alot! But when I’m done with it, my stomach
    (abs) dont feel any burn. My question is to you – how many times a day
    should I do this workout?

    johnathan del rio says:

    do 6 videos of this or just 6 round of these exercices

    Mai Nguyen says:

    I like his method. I will do it. do not need to be a gym member. He is
    great for teaching us this. Thanks

    Marcelo Mora says:

    This video helped me so much!! THANK YOU HASfit!!!

    johnathan del rio says:

    i love the feel of working out

    Bravo Zayas says:

    Whats the difference between this one and the ten mintute workout? Which is

    Mel F says:

    Does flexibility decrease the effectiveness of this workout? I did not
    really feel any of the exercises, but I did an hour of flexability training
    before starting (so my sides, hips etc. don’t resist the leg-up stuff much)

    Gerard Polakowski says:

    240 lbs came across this site like the variety of workouts . starting

    ludovic Prigent says:

    Thank you so much coach !
    Really helping me through my workouts !

    Alicia Boxill says:

    Wow I’m loving yur vids 

    Jessica Amos says:

    I lost sound two minutes before the end of the video…

    Steve Bean says:

    sorry bro but you’r or this work out did not make me sweat and btw i’m 13
    and so lol and i can see my 6 pack when i len back and flex and laying down
    but not that much when i’m standing up what shoud i do????????? please

    Shahnaz Farahani says:
    MD. MEHEDI HASSAN Fuad says:

    Hey there! Have you heard the talk about – Balfor Amazing Abs Dominator
    (just google it)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my sister
    got amazing abes with it.

    Sobin Chacko says:

    It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these regular people
    are able to get ripped so easily with Ready Set Ripped (Google it).

    VimoGolf says:

    VimoGolf Wear app is the best golf swing analyzer and the only app that
    tell you your club speed. Download Now! http://goo.gl/NWqbTI

    neeraj prajapati says:

    To anyone who wants to get ripped eventually. Just Go and Google Ready
    Set Ripped to find out more.

    Kyle Lee says:

    Doesn’t seem to have a good a workout as the floor but i don’t want to go
    to the floor.. A+

    cesia .none says:
    Chris McGinnis says:

    I like most of these workout but didn’t get much out of this one.

    R Delo says:

    Thanks for being a phenomenally motivational trainer coach Kozak! I like
    how HASfit capitalizes on motivation, as i’ve never been very fit… I know
    i’m going to go through with it this time though and get ripped.

    Scooby Best says:

    For those of us on the heavier side thank you so much for these low impact
    effective exercises. I work up a Sweat doing all of your stuff so far and
    you are actually making me enjoy working out, i feel great and i am doing
    your videos every single day so far.

    Carlos Martinez says:

    If you desire to burn calories fast, you should look up on google Vixen Fat
    Loss. That can help you get the body you deserve.

    HomecockpitsAndMore says:

    I love it! You’re absolutely motivating me so I’m giving my best thnings to
    do this in one part! THANK YOU!

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