Many Different Ab Exercises

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Want ripped abs? Well Listen as Freddy Fox walks you through these intense ab exercises. From Beginner to Advanced. Freddy Fox is a certified personal trainer. professional boxer, and Barstarzz member. He has been working out for over 15 years.

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    JJ JAY says:

    good video – so many people commenting have no idea how to implement these
    exercises with a good diet lol – its crazy. If anybody here needs some
    fitness and personal training consultation then hit me up and we’ll discuss
    helping you out. be prepared to work hard and be patient though. I don’t
    want a girl asking how she can get a six pack from a fat stomach by doing 6
    minutes work every day.

    JimLagunasCx says:

    Question:How many reps should I do?

    fMJuly85 says:

    Damn I want this body :|

    olatunji ogunsanya says:

    Do I have to do more or this 6mins is ok for a day?

    Hassan EL says:

    What they don’t tell you guys is that the secrect of having abs embodied in
    loosing fat first, which mean you need a Diet+Cardio daily to achieve that
    , and only after having a 6% of body fat you can start these exercices and
    the result will be 100%

    MelchioDrum says:

    Nice video.. A lot of exercises for give a shake to my abs routine.
    Reps doesn’t matter.. Do until it burns. 

    m0ments-have-you says:

    Hey i was wondering if somebody could help me out.
    I’ve doing doing leg raises, crunches and sittups recently.

    When i do leg raises and sittups my lower back cracks/pops each rep.

    dafuq is up with that

    Facuu Vera says:

    Antes me apacionaban estas rutinas que te destruian, cuando trabajaba un
    musculo por dia o grupo muscular. Pero nose, como que cuando se empieza con
    una fullbody tienes lo mismo o mas resultado sin tanto sufrimento.

    browneyedS says:

    So i dont understand .. do i have to follow everything he showed on the
    video to get the best result? And how many reps per exercise? Anyone please

    Gary Basil Grant says:

    great workout i’ll try it…and i hope you like my videos… +Gary Basil

    Josiah Mercado says:

    Does anyone one know when the its the best time to do workouts at home like
    this. I mean like in the morning, after school, before I go to bed, it
    would really help. Thanks

    Fredrick biggers says:


    Klazyo says:

    i like the way he talk 

    Viral Funnies! says:

    pfff abs don’t count if you weigh under 80 kgs

    Gavin Wilkins says:

    He looks like he weighs about 115 pounds

    Deadsor says:

    Abs are por pussy…..a man without belly is like a woman without boobs.

    estereovida says:

    OMG! His legs are very thin?

    I'll Get Good Or Die Tryin says:

    After getting my computer stolen, I started watching and doing all the
    things he did in the video everyday, for months my abs are amazing !! Then
    I started to do pull ups/chin ups then muscle ups ! Now I do weight
    trainging I love it I bike to school everyday besides snow! Just keep going
    guys do what your body tells you and dont give up!!!! THATS THE KEY !!!

    Mora Africano Camilo Andres says:

    Guys this video is the best killer abs I say so because we use to do just
    one of those exercises and the bad thing is that we just workout just one
    partbof the abdomen this exercise give me more definition and triceps !

    themonkboy123 says:

    thanks mate!

    Bertrand Neveu says:

    Haters gonna hate

    Jakob Carling says:

    Why is he wearing a hut in the summer it looks like its hot af 

    Robert Bokor says:

    That was insane couldnt do it all the same like him

    nasri Salah says:
    Δημήτρης Τσιούμας says:


    Les-Faux Monnayeurs says:

    where the hell is that amazing place *__*

    ObiWan346 says:

    freddy great workout, im trying this!!

    edson ed says:

    very, nice . 

    pedro casemiro says:

    fantastico,obrigado amigo.

    Bruno Mateus says:

    muito bom mano tava precisando sabe o da barra loko em gostei

    ty durden says:

    thank you. so great. love your sneakers

    steeven andrade says:

    como puedo quemar grasa de mi abdomen osea mas de abdomen bajo !!

    amir dabholkar says:

    nice video

    2GMichael says:

    I read that leg lifts don’t actually work the abs.

    nsndk says:

    Fucking solid !

    oOpierroOo says:

    Never skip leg day…

    awot kiflay says:

    workout home

    John Juergens says:

    If he’s not a fitness model, he should be!

    Rocio Ponce says:

    Different type of an exercises you can do at home.

    Carlos Vinícius says:

    Did someone got a sixpack with these exercises?

    Ugnė Gulbinaitė says:

    The best body i ever seen

    maniz joshi says:

    thanks brother… i’ve been working on this… this is awesome! 

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