Seated Cardio Workout: Burn Calories Exercising from a Chair

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From and featuring “America’s Top Personal Trainer to Watch,” Coach Nicole.

Coach Nicole leads you through a fun and effective aerobic workout that burns calories and blasts fat right from your

chair. Perfect for all exercise levels! For more exercise ideas and workouts, including a free diet and fitness program, visit today!
Shooting location thanks to Benefit Studio in Cincinnati:


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    Maddie Morgan says:

    Thanks so much for this! I am always having tendonitis in my legs/ankles
    and therefore am in desperate need of seated workouts that don’t put weight
    on my feet. This video has great ideas that, by being speed up Nd done for
    hours at a time, can produce sweat! Thanks so much, again.

    SuperImJustMe123 says:

    well since I have lack of balance im unable to “scoot to the front of my
    chair” and hold that position so I guess this is useless to me

    Frances Frylinck says:

    Thank you so much for this video, after a fractured ankle this has been
    tremendous ^_^ And it is clear that this is helping many people~

    gazebo46 says:

    This is very good! I have very little space in my apartment and I can
    still do these exercises! Thank you!

    Sonya Brown says:

    Thank you! I’m over weight and cant do a lot. This is great for me.

    burpo says:

    Thanks for this!!

    Dawn Smith says:

    Love this can do this while I am on break’s at work since I sit in an
    office. Thanks

    Dennis Ong says:

    I cant get my eyes out of her face……

    CrowDesigns says:

    I could do only 4 minutes of this before my legs started to burn, whoah.
    Only downside that i can’t to diverse leg and arm movements, my arms
    automatically follow the rhythm of my legs and vice versa making it unable
    to hop and swing my arms.

    GhostyMist says:

    2:55-3:10 RAISE THE ROOF!!!!!

    Angie Neal says:

    I have always loved this one it’s easy and u can do what u want 

    HelenaMikas says:

    a really gret workout ..I have damaged both knees and this is ideal ,
    flexible and fun .Super 

    irene neocleous says:

    how many calories u burn tru this workout?

    baby spoon says:

    This is awesome going to start this in the morning

    mele6050 says:

    Recovering from foot surgery, this is great as I wait for dr. clearance to
    get back to my bike & swimming! Thank you!

    jsb99888 says:

    coming back from a fractured toe and this workout was great.

    Jomale Collier says:

    thank you i really enjoyed the workout how many calories on average does it
    burn doing it once

    bernice emerson says:

    I am disabled but I really liked this. Thank you for creating this :) Want
    to get back into shape!

    Nightshadow4469 says:

    this is actually pretty good for just sitting in a chair! , but yeah, about
    how many calories burnt here? :)

    Nancy Dagan says:

    I started these today and rather than overdo it, I broke it down into two
    parts. Listened to my body and listed to “experience” of not being able to
    move for two days after doing too much. Tks.

    Charles Mack says:

    This is a good workout for the legs. My left leg is a little weak because
    of an injury and I wanted to find lower body exercises to strength it back
    up. Do you have any more that you could recommend?

    Sofian474 says:

    do you think i can drop some weight only by doing this seat cardio work out

    rad790097 says:

    is there a dvd available for purchase? I’m not a senior, just disabled and
    want fun chair exercises, not a dvd made for senior citizens. It would be
    nice if this video had some really upbeat music with it.

    craverage says:

    this is just too cute x] lol

    Tamika Tyrus says:

    This workout is great.

    Ladyblush says:

    Looks easy and simple, but trust me it left me quite breathless

    amunoir says:

    i love her sneakers

    Jody Penn says:

    I cannot do all these leg movements. I am looking for something that will
    help me lose weight and get more fit, but, I have physical limitations. I
    tried doing this but it was just too painful. I can use my arms and torso.
    Any suggestions? Also would like some music along with instruction, I find
    I am much more fluid if there is some rhythm to follow.

    Que Gill says:

    thanks so much for this what a blessing!!!!

    hilariusaquarius says:

    How many calories would you guess this workout burns?

    jenniferh341 says:

    This was very good. I usually like to do cardio with music, but this was
    great for people who don’t want to work out to music. Some of these moves
    are harder in a chair than standing because you don’t get to cheat and use
    momentum – your muscles have to do all the work!

    hellonow32 says:

    This is great and should have a lot more views. It’s something you can do
    at work in your office or on a break. It’s also great for people that have
    a hard time doing traditional exercise or walking. It’s low impact, but
    very effective and you feel it. I have plantar fasciitis b/c I have flat
    feet and when it acts up, it’s pure pain and I can’t even go for a
    walk…THIS I CAN DO! thank you!

    Anne Burnell says:

    Since video is only 11 minutes long, you will probably be able to burn
    about 100 calories, max. Chair exercise will hopefully get you accustomed
    to moving your body, which will lead to a healthy lifestyle. 85 percent of
    any weight loss will come from your diet, not exercise.

    MissJoy16 says:

    It depends on your weight and diet, but if you are a heavy person and do
    this a few times a week you’ll probably lose a little bit and more if you
    eat a healthy diet. I’m not a professional though.

    Anne Burnell says:

    Makes perfect sense, since this video is not appropriate for the disabled.
    The pace is too fast for Seniors, and includes exercise that is potentially
    dangerous for post-heart attack or stroke patients. Exercise programs that
    are specifically designed for the above Special Populations are labeled as
    such so thes people can identify and benefit from an at-home program. Anne
    Burnell, Instructor, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Northwestern
    Memorial Hospital

    5Kmom911 says:

    AWESOME Workout!!!

    Cheritta Stewart says:

    I thought this would be a walk in the park to my surprise its not :)

    AutumnMaidenDove says:

    I do this exercise three times a week and I’m already starting to see
    results. Thanks again for posting this.

    Donna Shipley says:

    Loved it:)

    Cat Taylor says:

    At last a workout that does not call you ‘obese’ ‘disabled’ or ‘Senior’ No
    labels,just a great to the points workout for people who want to sit and
    work out. I love the way you are encouraged to work at your own pace.
    Remember,even a short workout like this is better than nothing. Thank you

    mrskittkitt says:

    @Nightshadow4469 on sparkpeople the full 11 minutes is listed as burning 93

    gudia1990 says:

    this is fun !

    Carolyn Compress says:

    Too much spam on here!

    ladyrenz says:

    This is a great introductory exercise, I recommend you try it for at least
    2 weeks to see a significant change but if your committed you WILL see
    results :-) x

    ABULEID says:

    is Seated Workout suitable for obese person??

    amunoir says:


    Amy Magee says:

    hey, thanks for putting this up. i have fibromyalgia and my doc told me not
    to do jarring movements. i have gained 30 pounds since my diagnoses. my
    local gym has seated aerobics, but not in a time slot that fits my

    Elite1987 says:

    Nicole this is a fantastic workout. I can tell you’re really passionate
    about health and fitness and you’re very inspirational. I really enjoy
    learning new ideas from you that in turn I can teach my clients. Big fan! :)

    Ron Armacost says:

    There were days when we hiked the high country with packs and kids for a
    weekend outing. Today we do well just getting out of bed. Sense my partner
    in life has become crippled I started looking for ways to get the bones and
    joints moving that are low impact. This video is one worth viewing and one
    I applied to my blog. Thanks for sharing.

    jusohitafu says:

    Finally did this today! Absolutely right jennerh341, these moves are harder
    in a chair, didn’t realize how much it would affect my thighs! Obviously,
    they need more work!!

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