Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1

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Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1 is a fierce fat-blasting abdominal workout that employs a sure-fire combination of core-focused cardio circuits and ab-toning exercises that target multiple muscle groups simultaneously to boost the metabolism, slim the waistline, and chisel rock-hard abs. Forget boring sit-ups and prepare to sweat as America’s toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels takes you through this intense, ab-shredding workout that begins with a dynamic total-body warm-up, followed by 2 complete core-strengthening cardio circuits that will target every area of the abs before finishing up with a soothing, full-body stretch to maximize results. Learn how to shed fat and tone the entire body as you develop strong muscle and ripped definition. Sculpt and strengthen the arms, shoulders, chest, obliques, legs, butt, and back with this highly effective 35 minute workout from Jillian’s “6 Week Six-Pack” Fitness DVD that contains several key moves including lunges, burpees, twists, squats, crunches, supermans, planks, butt lifts, and mountain climbers that are crucial to shaping the sexy six-pack that you have always

dreamed of. This workout is great for all skill levels however, beginners may choose to modify it by eliminating the weights. Work out with one of the world’s most famous trainers right from your own living room! Look and feel your best with Jillian as you craft a lean, sexy, and defined body in 6 weeks. Tune in to the BeFit Channel for new workouts uploaded daily and be sure to try our free 30-day “BeFit in 90″ system. For more workouts from Jillian, click here: http://bit.ly/H3SuaK

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    Dragan Krstic says:

    Hello people, can anyone of you suggest me good weight loss program for my
    wife? She has big problem with obesity… She has tried a lot of methods
    and programs but nothing really worked. Moreover she has problem now with
    “yo-yo” effect and she is gaining pounds again… If anyone of you can
    recommend any good weight loss program, please reply! Thanks in advance

    Vivek Singh says:

    5:41, the girl in green is not jumping.

    Miz Anne says:

    Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Beginner and advanced level.
    Great core/cardio workout at home. #workout

    Sneha Prasad says:

    Since this a high intensity workout, is it okay to do this routine during
    your periods?

    bob top says:

    I got tierd in 10 min just drawing it down how I’m I suppose to survive 35
    min exercising 

    raven rena says:

    im actually only able to do the first 10 minutes, im just starting to work
    out and i dont wanna push myself to hard. would doing the first 10 minutes,
    3 times a day work? i want to pace myself out and add 5 minutes every week
    until i can do the whole thing. someone please respond 

    Miz Anne says:

    Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Beginner and advanced level.
    Great core/cardio workout at home. #workout

    Michele Sidney says:

    Today was the first day of me trying Jillian workout. I just started back
    working out 2 weeks ago. I went through the 35 minutes but not with out
    breaks. I am going to use this every other day.
    Could someone tell me. Is this workout for everyday?

    RMBvids says:

    None of them have a 6 pack though..?? Why would I trust this to work when
    they don’t even have it

    Carlito Gio says:

    how many should i do this routine a week?

    Angela Kirby says:

    I started this morning…make it fit in with my Ashtanga yoga
    practice….thanks Jillian very good workout …… 

    quietly says:

    is this enough of exercise a day if youre trying to lose weight?

    nainjatt says:

    Love you Jillian. Never stop sharing this knowledge ! You are pure gold !
    24 Carat !

    Alex Shaw says:

    Must be mad, just done this workout with +Terri Shaw believe me it’s no
    joke and apparently it’s only level one!!!!!

    Abbie Mansa says:

    WTF ! I could barely get through the warm ups, hoping to be a pro at it in

    EpicGabby12 says:

    I have attempted to finish this video 3 times XD I usually take 3 thirty
    second breaks and end up stopping in the middle. Now, I can go through the
    whole thing with only one break that’s about 15 seconds to go refill my
    water. I’m so happy :P I sweat like a a pig and I love it

    Ferry Microfon says:


    Parima Seangprohdee says:

    Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Le…:

    Shasha Rshan says:

    I died at 10mins

    Peter Pan says:

    All that videos, all that pictures “fitspirations” ect can’t motivated.
    There girls are ALREADY fit, muscular, no added one pourcent fat….. It’s

    Isabella Honeyborne says:

    Is it everyday for 6 weeks or couple days each week? how many times a week
    for this 6 week abs? Also if you did just the beginners version would it
    still take 6 weeks or more?

    Simo Zarrouk says:


    FitnessType says:

    Hi Befit, again a very nice video!

    I just published a video on toning the arms, especially for women and
    doable at home in just 5 minutes.

    For anyone that is interested in such a workout, feel free to take a look.
    Thank you.

    Keep the videos coming BeFit!

    Chloe De Segonzac says:


    Enauris Mateo says:

    Right now i’m at my first week of the 30 day shred level 3, so you can tell
    i’m actually familiarized with working against myself and to feel like i’m
    gonna die while working out lol, so i started doing this but i can’t feel
    the burn… i get tired and some of this exercises are not easy for me but
    i don’t feel like i’m burning fat or calories even though i sweat a lot, is
    this okay?

    Owen Alexander says:

    will this work for lemons?

    Cinthya Fenske-Arrieta says:

    Core day today :D great workout!

    skybird451 says:

    Need to try this! :)

    Se Hair says:


    chavon lewis says:

    Going to try some of these looks awesome

    Melana Llopis says:

    how many days a week are we suppose to do this work out?

    Mariazel Sanchez Jimenez says:
    Manda Lehrer says:

    my girl

    Alana Lindenfeld says:

    i workout regularly and this workout wasn’t much of a challenge even with
    weights. i don’t feel an after burn or seem like i will be sore tomorrow.
    is it worth continuing?

    Aurore K says:

    Never forget to be healthy, eat well and work out. 

    Veronika Tulaeva says:

    Good workout! very positie! It also useful to combine this kind of work
    with breath exercises, connecting the breath with movents.

    Tishi Moodley says:

    Hii people, I will like to know if anyone seen any difference after doing
    this for six weeks? technically I don’t think you can get a six pack in six
    weeks no matter how hard the workout is, it takes a few years I assume. I
    just want to know if there is a difference and did you receive a flat
    tummy. Can someone please, please reply, will really like to know. :) 

    victoria maikrish says:

    I do this workout twice!

    noone says:

    She is a typical trainer. ALL TALK and NO WORK! Get you ass working out
    Jillian! It’s easy to tell people what to do. You kept stopping because
    you’re tired ass was too weak to continue the workout! YAK> YAK> YAK! Shut
    up and color! 

    Jeffrey Chan says:
    thingtwiceaboutthis says:

    I don’ want to rain on this parade but I’m not seeing a six pack on Jillian
    Micaels. Maybe after six weeks she’ll have it?

    GüL SüM says:

    how many times do I have to do this workout in a week?

    Sasha Henry says:

    16 mins my first time trying!!!

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