Simple And Effective Fitness Training For Wing Chun

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Wing Chun is a street style that emphasizes finishing off an opponent quickly. In its more internal forms, Wing Chun training allows the user to ultilize their body to its full potential thorough relaxation and alignment in order to maximize effectiveness . As a result there are alot of practitioners who don’t do any physical fitness training. As a

mixed martial artist, I believe that fitness training is a positive aspect that can increase the potential of a wing chun practitioner. Here in the video, I ( Adrian Li – Instructor of Boston University Wing Chun) and Davide Silipo ( Instructor of Evolution Kung Fu) will demonstrates fitness exercises that are effective for Wing Chun Training.


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    Songkai Sin says:

    Can you please tell me the name of the song?

    João Vilaça says:

    how many of these trains should we do per week?

    Tim Yardley says:

    One of the very few wing chun videos that actually count,good work!

    Knightshield says:

    simple and effective
    just like Wing Chun

    Jeremy Holley says:

    Cool video,I see your into fitness, maby youed be interested in my channel,.

    Kazegalewind says:

    Alright, Will start adding this to my regiment.

    Adrian Li says:

    Hey man, just checked out your stuff, looks really sick! I am more into
    body weight training then lifting though because I find that it slows me
    down. I do use weights but more for resistance training with shadow boxing
    and moving. You got it down really good though, best of luck with training!

    Adrian Li says:

    Awesome ! hope it helps with your training! oh and come check out my new ”
    Street Fight Fitness” video ~!

    Kazegalewind says:

    Will do.

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