Total Body Workout 7, Cardio, sculpt and tone fitness, full 30 mins

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eFit30 feel better in 30 minutes from now with this 30 minute full body workout.

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Kilo-calories burned: 275

Gender: Female
Height: 170cm (5’6″)
Weight: 65kg (143lbs)
Age: 25years
Length :30minutes

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    Sean Murray says:

    Does anyone know the music used in this video?

    Grasiela Defende says:

    Tony and Fiona, you guys are awsome! Tks for making work out home so fun
    and effective! xxx

    rachelpanay says:

    Tx 4 a nice quick thorough workout,

    mmcarberry says:

    I have been so busy and stopped working out for the past few months. This
    was an excellent starting point. I will do this work out for the next week
    or so and hopefully find the next step. Thank you!!

    April Ballard says:

    Well on week two… still burning. Felt like I couldn’t hardly walk last
    week. Looking forward to getting stronger. Thanks!

    Samantha Phillips says:

    Amazing workout, do we do another workout each day? And does it matter what

    eFit30 says:

    Absolutely but try mixing it up using some of our other routines.

    Nadaa Ahmed says:

    love this workout going to try it and hope to lose weight thanks for this
    video its amazing

    eFit30 says:

    Yes but you need to adjust your diet as well. Check out our Boot Camp
    nutrition plan and exercise routines. This will get you kick started.

    meliska677 says:

    i just love it

    Bryan Scott says:

    Am I the only 1 who has a problem keeping my feet on the floor when I am
    doing press ups? Its just very time I do it my feet come fying up. Any
    advice for me?

    heygurlhey231 says:

    about how many calories do you burn during this workout?

    Diogo Araujo says:

    Doing 30 minutes evry day of this exercise how many days would it take to
    get a great body?

    issamal123 says:

    can i lose belly fat with this exercise ?

    faithfulkat77 says:

    did your workout today for 1st time and wow i feel good now :) in the
    beginning was a little rough but thats ok…we all have to climb that
    mountain in order to get to the top and finish :) the situp part i really
    am not flexible and couldnt reach but i did my best. the exercise where he
    demonstrated lifting upper body off the ground wow i could feel that! i am
    sure i will feel the pain tmorrow lol ..its ok though great time! :) God
    bless u both!

    eFit30 says:

    Good to hear. keep up the good work.

    Zack Weaver says:

    Do you guys have a workout that I can do at home that doesn’t involve
    jumping or stomping? I live upstairs apartment and I can’t stomp around, or
    the neighbor will complain and I’ll get evicted.

    Chrissie Dornevil says:

    this was a great work out! My butt, thighs and abs are sore! loving the
    feeling like i did something!

    Ahmed Helmy says:


    Joyousj says:

    Awesome workout! Refreshing accent:) Thank you for sharing this with us!

    eFit30 says:

    @socialciseus Looks great, hope it goes well!

    TheAlacransilla says:

    great workout :) it’s soothing !

    eFit30 says:


    祖 政 says:

    love the video,do you have a higher definition one,i want to see it on my tv

    TheAlacransilla says:

    Love it “_”

    eFit30 says:

    Yes it is free, but please support our advertisers. We also have an iPhone
    app with free and paid routines to keep.

    Bodytime says:


    eFit30 says:

    Just take it at your own pace you will improve with practice. Good luck.

    nuorm says:

    this is really good work out. love it

    Themetuk says:

    may I suggest pilates…blogilates on here helps with that…type
    blogilates in the youtube search bar she will KILL your core

    PaMela Godswill says:

    Another great workout. I’d love a workout that focuses on abs and back.
    Please consider adding that. Your pace and cardio are great! Thanks and
    keep it coming!!!

    SomethingNew6697 says:

    does this help me get rid off my belly flab?

    jaccor45 says:

    if it was way too easy than why are you sweating like crazy?

    Lady Of The Wolves says:

    I definitely felt great after this workout! Thank you! =)

    desitwins09 says:


    eFit30 says:

    @issamal123 Yes, but also do some cardio work, run or cycle, make sure you
    raise your heart rate for 20 minutes, do it 3 times a week, watch you diet
    and always consult your doctor before you begin a new exercise routine if
    this is new for you. Good Luck!

    desitwins09 says:


    Luke Homer says:

    How many kgs can you lose if you were to do this for a month?I really love
    this exercise and want to know how many kgs im losing if i do this a month?
    Thank you

    deepgreen27 says:

    Oh wow! This was really good, I was about to quit at 13 minutes but kept
    going, and I’m glad that I did! Great workout!

    eFit30 says:

    Sure try our pilates or yoga, also the more recent total body workouts with
    a fit ball. good luck!

    Afro-Indio says:

    I have lost 85 pounds in a year and 3 month’s. I am so happy I’ve don your
    videos, Jillian Michael’s and Leslie Sanshone. I also jog and run outdoors!
    :) But most of my weight loss is from eating Organic and cutting off fast

    eFit30 says:

    The music is from shockwave I think!

    2101C says:

    super !

    David Fininzio says:

    Will this help my muscles grow? Like is it like weight lifting is what I’m
    trying to say. Or is it more on the chardio side of things

    Jaoued Mariem says:

    morning fiona, morning tony! i’ve been doing this workout on daily bases
    for the last 2 weeks, after the first 30 minutes i felt like 3hours
    workout, never felt this sore yet s so amazing before, i didn’t stop even
    in pain , caue se i knew it was the good type of pain, i guess these
    exercises woke muscles in me that i never knew existed! keeping up the good
    work and getting fit for pilates. thanks a lot and xoxo

    sofiesale says:

    This is my go-to workout when I want something quick, and “all round”.
    Really makes me sweat towards the end. Thank you so much guys!

    Gina Perry says:


    eFit30 says:

    @laricotaaa Sorry I don’t know the answer to that one! Anyone know how to
    guess at this?

    eFit30 says:

    This will give you muscle tone and definition. It won’t give you weight
    lifting muscles!

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