Vermaelen and Pedro, fitness training apart from the group

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The Belgian worked for the first time on the pitch, whilst the Canary Islander is still recovering from gastroenteritis. 25 players took part in the training session at the Ciudad Deportiva, with the absence of Neymar.

El belga ha podido trabajar por primera vez sobre el césped mientras el canario sigue recuperándose de la gastroenteritis. Un total de 25 futbolistas se han ejercitado en la Ciudad Deportiva en

una sesión en la cual no ha participado Neymar.

Vermaelen ha pogut treballar per primer vegada sobre la gespa mentre el canari segueix recuperant-se de la gastroenteritis. Un total de 25 futbolistes s’han exercitat sobre la gespa de la Ciutat Esportiva en una sessió en la qual no ha participat Neymar.

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    Chems Eddine says:

    Pedro = out / Reus = in 

    Dimitri Jeet says:

    LIKE!!! (Convert this fantasy rumor to reality!!!) (You have the 60 million
    to do it before Aug 31st) (Make Madrid cry)

    Pedro bring back the 2010 PEDRO and thank you for rejecting Man United!!
    Best of Luck Vermaelen!! Mathieu you are already showing signs of a quality
    defender!! Age is only an excuse for lazy people.

    It starts…..ELCHE NEXT…..

    Barca4Life says:

    BREAKING NEWS: FC Barcelona have just made a €60 million bid for Angel Di

    Mitchell Lucero says:

    Is it just me that gets a little nervous seeing towards the end the ball
    going Bravo’s save? .. In practice no less. we need MaTs asap

    lionel messi says:

    What the hill !!!! Neymar injured again
    Damn it

    loveAnneLD says:

    Many things still must be improved but Enrique does a great job, the
    pressing is back, the middle ( rakitic iniesta busquets ) is already
    excellent, messi and neymar’s duet was great last night ( thank u Enrique !
    ) and the defense is less bad than last season. The team works the corners
    and the speed, this is an other good point ! Some new players need more
    time to integrate completely barca’s play but they are in the good way :)
    great to see young players as Munir or Sandro playing with the team, they
    are excellent and for me, they can be the new gold barca’s generation ! 

    Ibrahim Snasni says:

    Why is Matheuy Everytime Alone?

    Tony Yoba says:

    Can’t we just swoop Pedro+20 millions for Marco Reus??Pedro isn’t just the
    same anymore since 2012!!And sign Cuadrado too!!I mean,do they realize that
    we won’t be able to sign anyone until 2016???O_o

    Yassy Munir says:

    Where is neymar…..

    Leo nardo says:

    Does anyone know if we’re getting extra players?

    Maneka M says:

    Where is neymar!??????

    thriller008 says:

    Tsk tsk, Bravo. Once Ter Stegen comes back he’s getting benched so hard

    Jaime Rodriguez says:

    Finally i see Vermaelen and Pedro… Pedro needs to regain his spot and
    make Munir go back to Barcelona B

    JSVKK says:

    bravo not best for barca.

    OMGItsTrowl says:

    Neymar ):

    Zara Elias says:

    nice to see Thomas Vermaelen training :) he has so much potential as a
    defender, he just needs to rebuild his confidence and strength again

    Kevin E says:

    Di Maria Barca

    Lam Hue says:


    Skold Keef says:

    oh we gonna miss you pique lol

    Mateo Fonck piano says:

    Vermaelen :) 

    Guillermo Castro says:

    i think iniesta should replace neymar like he did before because iniesta
    knows how to play as a a left winger 

    La LucyxD says:


    david uribe says:


    SoulZaka CHrA says:


    DLike Fox says:

    Alex Song?

    Jonás De Marco says:

    Munir > Pedro

    Yassy Munir says:

    That kid need vitamins for real

    DLike Fox says:

    So foi o Neymar ir para a Europa que ele começo a se machucar a medicina
    futebolistica da europa nao e tao boa

    Yassy Munir says:

    Omg are u serious what a fucking team

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