Bigger Wider Shoulders in 14 DAYS (With 1 DUMBBELL!)

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It’s time to get Bigger, Wider Shoulders –

Did you know that bigger, wider shoulders is one of the muscle groups listed at the top of the list when Men’s Health Magazine polled women to see what turned them on the most in guys? Shocked me. I thought abs, and arms would easily top those…but they didn’t. The reason why is because a set of powerful explosive shoulders frames your entire physique and lets people know that you’re in shape and strong without having to say a word.

All that said, the problem that most guys face when trying to get big shoulders is that they feel as if the only way to get them is by doing countless reps of heavy military presses. This isn’t the only way. In fact, using one of the most popular shoulder exercises but also one of the most incorrectly performed, you can start adding size to your shoulders in as little as 14 days!

The ability to get bigger shoulders and add muscle mass to your shoulders in 14 days comes from the principle of muscle overload. By incorporating the cheat side lateral exercise you can add significant weight to the exercise and as a result, size to your shoulders much

more quickly. The trick is to not swing the weight up, but make sure that you muscle it up.

From the top of the movement, you want to be sure that you slowly lower the weight down, concentrating on the eccentric part of the exercise to ensure that the deltoid is getting the brunt of the work. Continue to perform as many reps as you can until failure and incorporate this technique into your shoulder workout each time you perform it.

You actually can see a difference in your shoulder size after even just one of these workouts. Not from actual shoulder muscle growth but more from the lingering pump that you will experience (not very common when doing shoulder workouts!) by training the muscles the right way.

For more techniques to help you add not just more size to your shoulders but to every other muscle in your body, be sure to head over to and get the 90 day ATHLEAN-X Training System. You will see how making changes to familiar shoulder exercises can lead to all new results that you see from your shoulder training and workouts.

For more videos on how to train like an athlete and build bigger shoulders like Dwight Howard, be sure to head over to


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    geomichael1 says:

    how do get veins poping out? Natural 

    gary piper says:

    hi when doing side laterals even with low weights my whole body seems to
    twist and i cant seem to control it. do you have any reasons why or what
    could be the cause? does this when training back also. 

    MonGnoM says:

    This is reaaly one of the best fitness channels on youtube!

    Brian Eduardo says:

    how often should you do it in the 2 weeks?

    Michelle G says:

    I like this move for shoulders, as a female, I know I will never get huge,
    but I will get stronger and it will show. Thanks for the tip. :-)

    ifthi wahed says:

    how come guys like kali muscle ct fletcher say high reps are better but
    guys like jeff cavaliere and mike chang say low reps and heavy weight is
    better who do i listen to 

    samir wanderung says:

    If you shoulder are geneticly narrow . You can not make them wider . But
    you can add some mass to them . So if you are a tall person with wide
    shoulder . With bodybuilding you’are going to look really big comparing to
    someone small xith narrower shoulders.

    04Stang says:

    Jeff what if you get crazy impingement while doing lateral raises? 

    DeUz says:

    Can i get big arms and chest if i have little fat on them?

    Josh Law says:

    looks Dangerous

    Keightley60 says:

    ah man, hate the side laterals..

    ed barr says:


    MegaGary1960 says:

    great video

    Paul Ngo says:

    feel weak just watching to vid. I need to work out now.

    George ArmSport says:

    Im 16 years old 60kg 1.73cm height and i can bicep curl 22.5kg for 6-7 reps
    , alot of people tell me to stop it cuz i might get a tendon rupture or any
    other serious joint problem , is it that serious? pls tell me

    avinash Chand says:

    yo im 76 pounds…i lift 4kg weights is tat gud?take 3 days rest…14 yo

    u235u235u235 says:

    roids/PEDs get you big, everything else is HARD WORK AND SLOW.

    Victor K says:

    impossible to get significant results in two weeks

    Akshen S says:

    science bro! doing it good

    AMeraIP says:

    who here has really attempted this for two weeks? Did you see real results?

    11eholder says:

    My rotator cuff hurts do to me going heavy on side raises any suggestions?

    Graeme Glendinning says:

    good info to incorporate, new approach for me, which i’ve not heard
    explained before
    thanking you

    Milton Bain says:


    I do workout for muscle building.
    I also indulge myself in racquet sport like badminton.

    I play badminton everyday after my workout session.

    Is this advisable?

    With love
    -from India. 

    Ivan Montiel says:

    I love you man lol 

    Vishal Deo says:

    That 50 lb dumbbell looks like a toaster 

    zerobrainbucket says:

    What’s the concern for a rotator cuff tear with the cheat lateral? I had a
    partial tear. No surgery and took about 2 years to get my strength back. I
    still have impingement syndrome and have to be careful with with anything
    aproaching 90 degrees or above. Should I not be doing this?

    Luis Gutierrez says:

    This is great advice. I just started doing these but I was obviously doing
    them wrong. I appreciate your instructions.

    RurouniNikos says:

    hey i have gym for 3 more months but i came across this so would it be bad
    if several hours after gym when am chilling on the tv take my dumbbel and
    do this or will this be bad for my muscles?in gym am doin 1hour cardio,hald
    an hour hitting the punching bag,1 and a half hour weights and abs.4 times
    the week.

    hi9313 says:

    What about the front and back delts? Same idea?

    Top Form Fitness says:

    Thoughts on wider grip upright rows for the same purpose?

    Tracy Falkenthal says:

    So super helpful! Thank you

    CloudyRaniy says:

    Negative training, a form of cheating.
    The key is to use heavier weights and apply resistant force throughout the
    entire range of motion.
    Good to force reps when muscle are fatigue. 

    hasen195 says:

    4:08 are you holding your breath?

    GameOf2Halves says:

    You do indeed have well developed delts. But quite honestly, I think I
    would get a shoulder injury pretty quickly with what you are suggesting.
    Anyone else think the same? For me, I use the heaviest weight that I can
    while keeping proper form & control. Otherwise I’m gonna invite injury. But
    ok…it clearly works for Jeff.

    samuraiRSA says:

    the best as always ! thx Jeff !! 

    bryann9182 says:

    Yeah uhh…..why would you go way heavier than necessary on a side lateral
    raise to build your shoulders when you can just put weight on a barbell and
    military press it?

    Vishal Rai says:

    I ve noticed his right shoulder is better rounded than his left one. I have
    the same thing with my mine. Does this even out later on?

    Triston Valadez says:

    He needs to work on his middle and lower chest 

    Derek Espinosa says:

    what kind of Dumbbell do you use?

    probassangler31 says:

    Are you batman?

    Igor Gavrylyuk says:

    dude, you have a greate shape

    Romar Salas says:

    I started to change my lifestyle and decided to have a healthier body thru
    eating healthy foods and doing exercises. I just want to know, can i also
    try this exercise even though i just started doing some shoulder exercises
    for 2 days?

    kevbo7s says:

    So this routine is 14 days straight!? I thought we should only workout 3-4
    days a week? Please someone reply…

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