Ectomorph Body Transformation: How I Gained 60 Pounds Of Muscle Weight (Before & After)

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See how to bulk up and gain mass quickly:

In this video Fitness Model Troy Adashun shows you his amazing ectomorph transformation. You may think you have seen some crazy body transformation pictures in the past – but Troy was able to pack on 60 lbs of muscle mass in under 3 years of time through hard work and dedication.

Something about a hardgainer transformation is so impressive because the cards were stacked against that person – and they were still able to have a rapid muscle gain transformation.

Troy attributes a lot of his success to staying really dedicated and consistent and focusing a lot on compound exercises and creating a healthy calorie surplus that consisted of a lot of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. This helped Troy maximize his anabolic hormones and reach his peak potential.

Many skinny guys make the mistake of eating everything in sight – both junk food and real food when they are trying to go through an ectomorph transformation but this is the wrong

way to do it. You will be decreasing your anabolic hormones along the way and making a rapid body transformation is a lot more than just calories in and calories out.

Another thing that Troy did to gain weight was he followed a really structured weight gain program. Following a good weight gain program allowed Troy to stay focused on his results and gave him great structure with his routine. With printable workout logs and a structured eating system – the Weight Gain Blueprint was a huge catalyst to helping Troy reach his muscle building potential.

Many ectomorphs sit back and they ask how to gain muscle weight thinking that it is nearly impossible, but if you follow a structured weight gain program and you stay consistent you will see some incredible body transformation results.

Watch the video to see how Troy was able to gain weight and muscle at a rapid rate during his ectomorph transformation.

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    Weight Gain Network says:

    An incredible 60 pound muscle gain?? If you’ve ever doubted yourself when
    it comes to gaining weight and building muscle… This video will give you
    some hope and inspiration:

    Ectomorph Body Transformation: How I Gained 60 Pounds Of Muscle Weight
    (Before & After)

    k no says:

    195-205lbs is where I want to be. I’m around 185 now

    Josh K says:

    I just wanna thank you for helping me! Ive been watching your videos and I
    started doing Jason Blaha’s Novice program (to increase my strength) and
    ive gained 9 solid pounds in about a 1.5 months. I have a hard time gaining
    weight, but ever since I started following you and being disciplined with
    my diet and workouts, Ive been getting great results. Thanks Troy!

    765DaBOMB says:

    I’m skinny and trying to gain weight. I think that my problem is that I
    play soccer for 1.5-2 hrs a day and only eat 2,500-ish calories a day. Any
    tips would be greatly appreciated. 

    Joniqua Nomnom says:

    I’m trying to gain weight since I’m basically a twig, will doing too much
    anabolic exercises as a female increase my testosterone so much that I
    begin to appear manly?

    slyman928 says:

    best body type imo. been telling myself this for years and finally starting
    to do something with it.

    Zachary Cummings says:

    Why did u delete the 12 week program

    Sai Harish says:

    there’s hope for me too! :)

    sam webster says:

    Great video but, stop clapping your hands!!!!!

    keshavcool7 says:

    Nice… i mean awesome

    A.C. Slater says:

    Does your program work for intermediates as well or are the workouts only
    for beginners? 

    ITpro91 says:

    U deaf inspired me

    MrVlogMadness says:

    How tall are you?

    jjcardsHD says:

    Where did you get that Tshirt..???? seriously…

    ITpro91 says:

    First!! Love ur vids bro

    Ricardo Perez says:

    Hi, can you tell me how tall are you? please :)

    MrBander1 says:

    Its truly a blessing in disguise Troy (-;

    prabhakaran .m says:

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    sami82khovhkhe . says:

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