How to Build Muscle at Planet Fitness

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    bbigrocker1 says:

    YES YOU CAN make fun of them, yes they are making money, but they are still
    a joke as far as strength and fitness is concerned. Bernie Madof made a lot
    of money but he’s still a pariah….anyway, great advice, and it was very
    classy the way you handle planet fakeness. Good looking out

    ogdaddy says:

    its a gym it has weights lift them and get big… you don’t need to grunt
    to get big. i never had a problem at planet or seen anyone else have one. i
    think it’s stupid to even respond to this kid.

    EviLNox8 says:

    I’m not a body builder and I don’t know if I will ever try to put on as
    much muscle as possible but for me right now PF is great. I don’t go there
    to say “I have a gym membership” and to be lazy. I am extremely overweight
    and need a place to workout and lose weight. I have lost over 40#,
    increased the weights that I workout with and I do it consistently. I’m
    not lazy, I just have no other use for a different gym at this time. I am
    not strong enough to max out on their machines so there isn’t really a
    reason for me to pay more money for a different gym that isn’t even going
    to do any better for me (at this time).

    A year or two from now I might grow beyond them and have other goals in
    mind but for now, I do exercise hard, I sweat hard, I try hard, and I am
    improving. I don’t fit into this lazy not serious about fitness category
    that seems to get thrown in the faces of every PF member at every
    opportunity. I don’t see lazy people wasting time doing nothing when I go
    to the gym either.

    DailyCheez says:

    I don’t understand why there is so much bashing of planet fitness. You
    don’t have to deadlift 400lbs in order to be healthy and strong. Most
    normal people just want to be healthy and in good shape. They have lives
    outside of the gym that bring them fulfillment, and they don’t need to look
    like the incredible hulk to feel good about themselves. Proper diet and
    smart exercising will get anyone where they NEED to be, but if you feel
    like you should be so big that you have to fill a XXL shirt, go somewhere
    that will accommodate you and stop being a prick. Jesus, with all the shit
    going on in the world, people still feel the need to be such ignorant ass

    TheDrogoBoffin says:

    I have a planet fitness membership along with my wife. It has nothing to do
    with “I have a membership” It has everything to do with being healthier and
    living long enough to see our children grow up. I want to be able to go and
    play outside with my kids and not feel like I am going to die. I have been
    3-5 times a week and am already down in weight and I no longer walk with a
    limp for the first time in 15+ years. While there are those types of
    people, what you are putting all of us in is that stereotype and that isn’t
    fair to those who are in there busting their ass and not eating their
    pizza, bagels or tootsie rolls.

    Nick C says:

    I go to Planet Fitness and there are several body-builder looking guys and
    girls, and there’s lots of more athletically built guys and girls. Clearly
    you can get it done at PF for $10, it seems like some of you just do not
    understand how to work out and are wasting a lot of money on $100 per month
    gyms and supplement addictions lol

    Chris Goomba says:

    OK so i decided to step into the lion’s den and joined planet fitness last
    month. about a month into my membership i think i have had enough time to
    formulate an opinion so here is what i have.

    – The planet fitness i go to is in south jersey and when i joined they told
    me the lunk alarmed wasn’t ever even functional at that place and they just
    didnt think it was needed considering it was right next to the dumbbell
    rack where most of the lifters went. Which leads me to my next statement,
    they DON’T KICK PEOPLE OUT. the people that work there says it happens
    really rarely and to be fair even if you do grunt you’ll barely be heard
    because the music there is loud.

    – I joined it because it was just 10 bucks a month which is a Godsend. It
    was right within my budget so it was a no brainer and had pretty much
    everything that all other gyms do in terms of fitness, plus it has a locker
    room and shower.

    -I has no aspirations to be a body builder or get super ripped like Kali
    Muscle. I go there to bulk up and add some strength and mass to my body.
    and since im like 5’8 5’9 i dont have to worry about the amounts of weight
    that is available (The dumbbells do up to 75lbs) which is fine by me and is
    heavy enough. I’ve seen many guys bigger than me not even go past 50-60lbs
    so why are people complaining about dumbbell weight when most of yous who
    arent serious weight lifters wont even lift one 60lb dumbbell?

    All in all if you’re wanting to get into becoming stronger Planet fitness
    is ideal for you to start. and if you wish to stay then stay, if not you
    can cancel and work your way up to the gym. alot of you gym rats are
    whining and complaining like they’re FORCING you to join. they cater to an
    audience and though i do not really care for their market i just go
    in…workout….and go. nothing more and nothing less.

    Russell Johnson says:

    Planet fitness is great for those just trying to lose wieght or just

    uwanfakmymader? says:

    Pizza and cookies? are you serious?

    Bee Cee says:

    Planet fatness

    skyislandaz says:

    Finally some real advice from someone with practical knowledge.

    Man Fred says:

    My planet fitness has dumbbells up to 80lbs, 4 racks, 8 hammer strength
    machines (go figure incline press goes up to 140/arm) and 4 jungles. I’ve
    gained about 10lbs since Ive started going there, in 4 months my membership
    will run out. I’m not sure if ill outgrow the gym towards the end of my
    second year and I dont want to be in stagnation. Does anyone have any
    advice ? The gyms in my area are; Hercules gym, metro, ballys, golds gym,
    and a shit load of stupid crossfit places. IDK if i should change where i
    go starting January or not.

    Ravens Forever says:

    I’m going to go to Planet Fitness and build some big muscle said no on ever

    faria faris says:

    Eliott Stop acting, and make some real videos! Planet fitness is for weak
    minded people like you

    asado criollo says:

    when you don’t have a Choice … i guess its better than nothing.
    Any ways… im trying that gym for next 3 month. I will have a blogg about
    it at the end! wish my luck with the “lunk alarm” 

    Darkeith Lofton says:

    I have a membership at both Planet Fitness and Charter Fitness. Charter has
    the free weights I love and Planet is open 24/7, which is convenient
    because sometimes I work until 11pm. Anyway, when I’m at Planet, I stick
    with dumbells and the cable machines. I don’t go near the machines. For
    deadlifting and squating I go to Charter.

    Sword_Bringer says:

    How to build muscle at Planet Fitness:
    1. Leave Planet Fitness
    2. Find a Real Gym
    3. Lift Weights

    adam stone says:

    this planet fitness bashing is a joke and most of the people bashing it are
    5’8 130 lbs and consider themselves body builders. I go to planet fitness
    on a regular basis and have no issues gaining muscle what’s so ever. I went
    to meet up with a girl at La fitness parking last weekend and it was quite
    hilarious because I was more muscular and cut up than every single person
    that went into this so called “real gym”. stop bashing pf for your shitty
    physique or because you wanna be macho and drop 45lb dumbels on the floor.
    haters gon hate

    Seth Meyers says:

    Hey, I’m not interested in being a massive lunk. I see no problem with
    Planet Fitness, it’s healthier than sitting in my basement doing nothing.

    Daniel Diaz says:

    i can kinda get their plan. but really? they kick people out for grunting?
    something that we do naturally. ive never seen a man try to squat a couple
    hundred pounds and not grunt a couple times. another thing. what if your
    grip gives out during an exercise and you let go of the machine or dumbell
    and it comes crashing down? they gonna kick you out for that too? 

    Robin Kempfer says:

    Any “gym” that serves pizza, cookies, soda and donuts to lure people in is
    surely not concerned with your well being. Planet Fitless…we don’t judge
    you as long as you’re committed to staying fat and out of shape! They make
    their money by winning law suites! 

    Victor Benitez says:

    They have dumbbells and barbells

    Nada Whey says:

    How to build muscle … don’t go to planet fitness

    Deathcore Parkour says:

    Great video and the gentleman in the video is a decent public speaker. You
    receive a like from me.

    John R says:

    He’s right. I am too weak to do many pull ups, so I started doing negative
    pull ups instead. They work. I already, after a week or so, can see muscle
    growing in my back. Good advice.

    Emil svensson says:

    the awnser you don,t!!!!!!!!

    73bigern says:

    They really do not have a bad type of gym, not really what I need in a gym,
    but the way they carry there self with advertising and then calling there
    self a judgment free is hypocritical. I would never suggest that place

    Jimmy Russells says:

    PF is okay but I don’t like the lack of good equipment. Those smith
    machines are just bad man.
    But yeah I was shocked to see some seriously jacked dudes there lifting.
    I’m assuming they lift there for maintenance or something. I don’t know.
    But a lot of them were massive. 

    ronki23 says:

    My first gym was awful; we had barbells ranging from 22.5lbs up to
    112.5lbs. They went up in 22.5lb increments. Dumbbells ranged from 5 lbs to
    77lbs but as soon as you hit 55lbs each dumbbell shot up by 11lbs in
    weight. The barbells didn’t have a rack either. So it was almost impossible
    to build size as you need to get stronger first; it was somewhat better
    when we finally had a loadable bar (took 5 years for this) but
    squats,overhead press and bench were still difficult. We had machines
    though. I then find college has a gym like this too :( Found it hard to
    make linear progress; most gym instructors don’t tell you about 3×5 or 5×5

    stiff meister says:

    lol fuck that place, cant even breathe heavy. wish youd get real elliot and
    tell us what you really think

    Joseph Santoro says:

    How to build muscle at planet fitness:1.go to planet fitness and attempt to
    do compound movement 2.breathe the wrong way in the gym and sound off the
    lunk alarm 3.go into a fit of rage at the “personal trainer” and stab him
    in the liver 4.go to jail and do calisthenics and play with concrete

    Christopher Roper says:

    Fuck planet fitness, i’d rather workout at home using bodyweight exercises.
    e.g. push up, air squats, lunges. not only will that build up a solid
    foundation of strength to when you go to a gym, albeit planet fitness or a
    PROPER GYM. It’ll develop stabilization that the machines dont provide

    Gabriel Brooks says:

    The equipment at Planet Fitness is almost identical to the equipment at the
    local VA hospital’s Exercise Therapy Division.
    So, saying it’s for people who “don’t want to exercise” seems dishonest.

    William Crim says:

    This guy has two different color eyes.

    octoman zero six says:

    You can also do negative reps with the machines. Machines work, just as
    free weights.

    m15starrrad says:

    I go to planet fitness and I see plenty of muscular body building type
    people there. You could build muscle at any gym and I see the dumbbells go
    all the way up to 100 lbs so there is no excuse that you can’t build muscle
    there. Yes you can. I gained 10 lbs of muscle in 2 weeks just going there
    and of course lifting heavy with the machines and free weights. Not
    everyone wants to look bodybuilding big but you can build muscle there just
    as in any other gym lol. Its how you use your time in the gym ppl

    lordofthecxnts says:

    i go to planet fitness, and i built all kinds of muscle in my first year. 

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