Ashley Conrad’s 21-Day Clutch Cut Training Program – Nutrition Overview –

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Clutch Cut nutrition is clean, simple, and easy to follow. A huge selection of food choices lets you customize your meals while you cut fat and transform your physique.

Clutch Cut nutrition isn’t about deprivation. Instead of depriving your body of what it needs, I replace unhealthy foods with rich, nutrient-dense alternatives. All the food I recommend to is clean and metabolism-friendly. Each meal is measured to the gram. Every day, you’ll receive the ideal balance of micro and macronutrients. Now that’s clutch.

Everything you eat and drink plays a role in your body’s hormonal balance. To lose weight or gain lean tissue, you need to keep your meals balanced and fuel yourself with clean calories your body can use. If you want to change your body rapidly, everything you eat counts. Set yourself up for success. Follow the Clutch Cut nutrition plan to burn fat and reveal your best body.

People have a tendency to overcomplicate nutrition, especially because there’s so much BS information on TV, online, and in diet books. Sellers release a product and then tell buyers what they want to hear, instead of just telling them the truth.

The truth is: Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. Your body prefers clean, wholesome foods. Clutch Cut works with your body to optimize digestion, promote fat loss, and support the release of healthy hormones.

My nutrition plan doesn’t include any substances that promote adrenal fatigue or spur excess cortisol release.

I like to keep things fresh, easy, and simple. I personally follow and prescribe the following five principles:

Eat every 3 hours, on the dot.
Eat within 30

minutes of waking
Drink at least 1 gallon of water with 2 lemons daily.
Eat gluten- and dairy-free, except whey protein isolates.
No fillers, no preservatives, no coloring.

Clutch Cut doesn’t yank carbohydrates from your diet like many other fat-loss programs. Your brain runs best on carbs. Carbs are your body’s preferred fuel source, and I want your body to function at optimum levels. Sure, carbohydrates need to be controlled, but they don’t have to be avoided.

When carbs are cut completely from someone’s diet, the body will cling to them and store them as fat the moment they’re reintroduced. This can lead to future weight gain and yo-yo dieting, a vicious cycle that’s difficult to escape.

Instead of depriving clients of carbohydrates and snacks, I’ve found ways to make healthy, great-tasting alternatives. You can eat pancakes, French toast, and protein shakes that taste like ice cream and frozen yogurt. You don’t have to stuff the blender full of fruit to cover up a nasty-tasting shake. With Clutch Cut, you’ll never feel the need to binge on sugars or other simple carbs.

The Clutch Cut nutrition plan is based around solid food choices and a simple macronutrient breakdown. Keep in mind that you don’t have be exact with every single macro. Get as close to the recommended breakdown as possible. Most importantly, stick to the food choices below and space your meals apart evenly. Your personal macros will vary depending on the foods you choose.

It’s clutch to eat:

1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight
1 gram of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight
0.5 grams of healthy fats per pound of bodyweight


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    Sam Zito says:

    go vegan=) carb the fu*ck uppp

    katebee23 says:

    I’d like to use this to help cut weight for a fight. Is there a way I can
    do this around days I train? I can’t do both it’ll completely burn me out

    Cinque Wilson says:

    Yea so week one down and i already feel like giving up. This workout is
    hard……i cant wait to measure myself after its all over. I love it!

    CynthiaJ7777 says:

    So many negative comments? Have you tried her program? Probably not. I
    have. It yielded great results for me, and I’m a seasoned athlete. She
    isn’t throwing out broscience. Her method works. Broscience is hear-say
    that doesn’t have any proof.

    fortydash1 says:

    If u want milk then drink it, no one gives a shit what u eat.

    WVU Benjisaur says:

    Humans have been eating gluten and dairy foods for tens of thousands of
    years. How are they difficult to digest? We’ve evolved eating that stuff.

    Seven says:

    “eating every 3 hours” – lol bye

    amiraras says:

    But I love the way she is and her attitude, and I respect her and her
    body… :-) Respect master…

    Ram Ji Pandey says:

    Have you tried “Atomic Fat Loss”? (Google it) It is a quick way for you to
    lose weight fast.

    halfmanhalfshark86 says:

    Wonder if she’s ever tried an Ogus Cake?

    ProzacPreacher says:

    Ashley Conrad – CEO and founder of Clutch. PhD in Broscience. BA in
    Broscience story-telling.

    Kevin Houde says:

    On the dot, lol

    wakeboarderman says:

    Whats up with the diaper shorts wears

    greg armstrong says:

    shes one of the best looking women ive ever seen in ma life

    Borys Kruglov says:

    Hi! I’m Brittany.I did -20 lbs in one month.Open

    Kārlis Eiduks says:

    She kinda sounds like female version of Greg Plitt :D

    Fernando Larez says:

    this is some high quality broscience.

    TheCTFProductions says:

    Amazing Inspiration :)

    MCSE3232 says:

    True. Actually a bit better of an attitude than Jillian.

    WVU Benjisaur says:

    But is it still ‘bro’science if it’s coming from a female? Dun dun dun

    amiraras says:

    She can’t keep up with the way I t Train. I extremely doubt it…

    EmyFit says:

    great tips girl :)!:X

    Ronald Dean Coleman says:

    dat dere broscience….i am disappoint.

    Brett Dionne says:

    Everything is technically bro science.

    SupremeEditing says:

    It’s actually painfull to hear her talk about ‘people on tv saying bs’ when
    she’s talking complete bullshit herself.

    Hunter Daniel says:

    This is what I need help with! Got good muscle mass and only 10% bf but I
    can’t get my diet plan perfect! Wish she would help me!

    tika emad says:

    She is a BEAST

    blabla says:

    Dam she is more muscular than me. Teach me master.

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    It’s true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bimashree shrestha says:

    Have you experienced Lean Body Blaster? (look for it on google) It is a
    quick and easy way for you to burn up fat fast.

    DirteeRaskal says:

    1:45 – SHIT! It’s time for some CHICKEN!!!

    InTheCircle says:

    Whats true lady?

    121mendez says:

    Lamo this. Where did she get her professorship? I wanna learn!

    rocketboomboom says:

    Great great info! Mahalo!!!

    SimonSez83 says:

    because the stuff we eat now, has nothing to do with our ancestor ate.
    thats why

    zzXAZAXzz says:

    Wish there were more woman like this

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    Jazz Carabazz says:


    singeress2 says:

    Bro. Science.

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