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If you want to get big, you have to train, eat, think, and live big. No one lives bigger than Jay Cutler. Learn from the life of one of the world’s greatest bodybuilders.

Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler lives with unbridled consistency and dedication. His life is a regimented combination of eating, sleeping, and training. He lives large, works hard, and trains harder. His physique wins contests—and he’s gunning for another Sandow September 28, 2013, in Las Vegas—but his mentality and determination make him a true champion. Take a cue from Jay’s life to enrich your own.

Building muscle takes more than physical fortitude. It takes a certain mindset and drive to create an elite body. Even if you lift big, you won’t get big if you don’t know how to think big. That’s your first lesson from Jay Cutler.

“I always say that the mentality of a bodybuilder isn’t normal,” Jay explains. “Something has to be triggered inside you. You always want to push yourself beyond the limits. Honestly, you have to be a little crazy. There are some people who have the potential to have the best physiques in the world, but they don’t have the mental capabilities to push themselves.”

You can’t be one of the world’s best bodybuilders if you don’t have the mental toughness to work at it, day in and day out. To build your body, you must master your mind and tune out distractions. Jay knows this all too well. “It isn’t an easy thing being Jay Cutler,” he says. “I’m recognized everywhere I go, and everybody wants a piece

of my time.”

Jay has a business to run, travels constantly, trains often, eats more often, and tries to leave some time for fun. He lives in Vegas, which offers even more temptations, but Jay wouldn’t have it any other way. “It gives me more drive being in a place that’s so distracting, and I’m still so focused.”

Aside from being absurdly busy, Jay struggles with little things most people do with ease: “You don’t understand the benefits of being a normal person until you see someone like me who can’t buy clothes off the rack, can’t eat normal places, can’t ride in certain sized cars, can’t ride in some airplane seats, can’t stay in certain hotels with small beds, or fit in small showers. It’s hard to shop, it’s hard to go out to eat, it’s hard to travel.”

On the plus side, it’s easy for him to build more muscle than most people can fathom. They stare, but he doesn’t care. “I don’t try to hide it,” he says. “I don’t wear big, baggy clothes.” Jay has spent the last 20 years turning his body into a work of art; he knows how to appreciate it. “When you’re my size, you never think you’re small. I like the way I look now. I’m always checking myself out, flexing, admiring the physique.”

Although Father Time is now perhaps his biggest bodybuilding adversary, Jay still accepts nothing but greatness from himself. “I don’t think I’m ‘past my prime,'” he says.”I’m a four-time Mr. Olympia champ and six-time runner up. I still want to compete at my best, even at the age I am.”


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    Austin Delbeck says:

    Is he rich?

    Brendon Craig says:

    I would rather have the strength and speed of brock lesnar who is about 290
    then this little hobbit 290 pound bitch

    WolfPresident says:

    He forgot to mention he can’t even wipe his own ass.

    Ali Haider says:

    Can he fight in MMA tho?

    megaRv24 says:


    Pelado Solis says:

    Yo tmabien puedo meterme anabolicos y volverme famoso

    - CONATION - says:

    I’m a 16 year old bodybuilder, please subscribe and follow me on my
    channel, thanks !

    03blaird says:

    Dudes from Arnies era had the best physiques. Guys like jay end up looking
    like fat dudes with lines drawn on them…looks comical

    El Guennouni Ismail says:

    lol like blue ray

    bigmac22ify says:

    This man has the personality of a brick

    Sway Calloway says:

    Lol you don’t need to be in Vegas to do this shit he mentioned. “I wanna
    go to the super market.”

    Frank Rock says:

    saying he is not the greatest because he hasnt won as much as coleman, is
    like saying lil wayne is a better rapper than biggie because he makes more
    money and sells more records. just ignorant.

    TheGreatUchihaSasuke says:

    I still don’t understand why i love this guy so much. I’m not gay and i
    don’t get it. For me, Arnold’ll always be the greatest bodybuilder that
    lived, but Jay is my fav. 

    Ben Jenkinson says:

    song at 1:20?

    mike hennevanger says:

    he’s basically THE overweight thats GOOD. its fucking amazing to hear you
    can’t shower cause your msucles are to big jesus fucking christ.

    Umbrella Corporation says:

    Jay should fire the M202 FLASH rocket launcher and not that tiny assault
    rifle. It suits him more.

    Sonny Lee says:

    greatest of all time. LOL

    not likely. 

    John Lewis says:

    Geez I wonder why all the hair & zits ?

    blckmgc322 says:

    1:10-2:13…he came in like a wrecking ball?

    Jesse J says:

    He’s not the greatest. That goes to Ronnie Coleman and Arnold
    Schwartzenneger. I’m surprised Jay would make this comment. He has four
    trophies. Ronnie and Arnold have 6 and 8.

    MegaUnavailableusern says:

    lol ronnie arnold and haney are all greater than you were jay. dont be a
    greedy scum. 4 titles isnt enough

    Aaron McNamara says:


    RussBum Westbrick says:

    But can he run thou!

    Ali Haider says:

    Can he fight in MMA tho?

    Andrew Watson says:

    Mini hulk haha

    Kendall Davis says:

    I want to be a bodybuilder now im 19 and i always had more muscle mass then
    all my class mates i dont even workout 

    Zant GX says:

    Jay Cutler reminds me of Gears of War.

    Erudite Brother says:

    I am sorry but having a big *swollen gut,* is not having the best body you
    can! If you have a problem being 295 pounds, *lose weight!*

    Being *big* is not the same as being *healthy!* Having swollen organs is
    not *healthy!*

    George Winters says:

    Greatest bodybuilder of all time based on 4 Mr O titles? What about
    Ronnie’s 8 or Arnold’s 7! Still got a while to go Mr cutler

    skisgy says:


    Benjamin Boyd says:

    Lmao… 12:10 that look, he lost a lot of weight. .look of

    Alex Montana says:

    Jay cutler seems like such a cool guy.

    Ascelion says:

    who in there right mind would want to live like this?

    Dallas Hill says:

    song at the beginning?

    SmithsRichard says:

    was that steroidinjection around 15:30 to 16:30 ?

    zabuku hoang says:

    theses guy looks like they have really small dicks lol

    zombie2011 says:

    Wow his back after that massage looked nuts!! Never had a deep tissue
    massage but i heard they are super painful

    Bert Macklin FBI says:

    That’s one big ass cannonball.

    TheGoogler77 says:

    So Cutler has a lot of zits……..

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