Meal Plans/Nutrition Advice & Fitness Friday Update

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BMR Calculator:
An app called “My Fitness Pal” can also help you calculate all your daily calorie intake.

In this commentary i give an update as too when fitness friday will finally be out & also try and help those who kept asking about the meals i eat on a daily basis. Remember everyones bodies are different and its not about going

head over heels right away. Just start by slowly changing habits to create a better version of yourself. #FoRePLayyGANG

Gameplay POV – Foreplayy
Map – Meltdown
Gametype – Search & Destroy
This Commentary is about – Giving a breakdown of what i eat everyday for those that kept asking. Just trying to help

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    Crystal Method Gaming says:

    How much do you spend on sups a month man?

    Go TweaK says:


    Harvey Dent says:

    great commentary foreplayy, love things like these. next time you do one
    though, be sure not to sit on your dead body in theater. as much as we
    appreciate staring at the same picture for 30 seconds :P

    CallMePwned says:

    When you eat like a bro (brown rice, chicken, veggies) you can get away
    from counting calories.

    OGxFaTiLiTy says:

    pog is awesome

    TopRatedOG says:

    This is my favorite channel on youtube right now!

    tinyjeans says:

    For those not able or wanting to eat many small meals a day, try the
    renegade diet. It’s a take on the traditional intermittent fasting thing.
    It can be used to cut OR to bulk even. More of a style of eating than a
    “diet” in the typical sense of the word. Outstanding for burning fat and
    energy. And 4play, look into some other whey choices. ON is great for taste
    but certainly lacks in value.

    UnMaskeeD says:

    Bring more about your diet, and some advices. What about broccoli, oat,
    tuna and nut, you use sometimes? I know the channel is focus on COD but you
    can tell us your measures? haha I like to see people involved with
    videogames who take care of the shape as well, you could bring one video
    per month, telling about your progress. Really awesome job.

    TheIRayzer says:

    hey sj, can you make a playlist on YT with some good motivational songs
    with a sick beat? for example money in the bank with lil scrappy.

    Josh Cooke says:

    Your videos are the best

    Andriy Naperkov says:

    Hi! I’m Stephanie.I did -45 lbs in 1 month.Go to

    iFoRePLayy says:

    That could be smart. I want to start actually recording with a camera and
    do like meals etc.

    holems cecil m says:

    I came across my mentor… a bodybuilder who had a different vision about
    muscle building nutrition… A man who was convinced that dieting for
    bodybuilding and fitness doesn’t have to be boring….Everything you’ll
    need to know is right here… HEALTHYMEALSDIET.HOST56.COM

    123456789helloman says:


    fOLDEDKVN says:

    What’s your ig?

    MunifyTV says:

    keep posting these

    iFoRePLayy says:

    100% agree. Just hard work

    Mike Smithisnotmyname says:

    Don’t you like food that tastes good?

    PColtrain says:

    dont play cod anymore, like the meal plans to

    Noah tremblay says:

    Hey foreplay can you get buff by doing push ups? All kibds of push ups?
    Would you need a high protein intake? Im a noob at this stuff

    HecticClimaX says:

    When you say you ‘Lift’ is that strength training, hypertrophy? It’s best
    not to mix cardio with strength/hypertrophy training because of the
    different muscle types those types of training use (slow/fast twitch).
    Strength training recruits fast twitch fibres and cardio recruits the slow
    twitch. Fast twitch are a lot bigger in size compared to slow twitch and
    mixing strength/hyper with cardio/aerobic can cancel each other out
    therefore not really benefiting from the time spent in the gym.

    NZFrosty7 says:

    omg yay! thanks Sky :)

    Lex Henry says:

    good stuff. been waiting for Fitness Friday for a bit! Hope it’s good
    content, though I’m sure it will be.

    TacosWillPronUs says:

    Can you link the products that you recommended? Or is there another video
    that you did that has them?

    Tyler says:

    These videos help out so much.

    iFoRePLayy says:

    haha i do a cheat meal once a week man. Makes me feel like i earned it ya
    know! But man i throw down on that meal! Way to much food

    iFoRePLayy says:

    Thanks man

    Tyler Savage says:

    SJ, why are you not attending UMG Chicago with nV, why is Censor going
    instead of you? Or is that a mistake. Read it in the iCn forum.

    bikerboy72 says:

    you getting hunger pains for the first month or so while doing IF after
    that it works wonders

    JonnyIsDE says:

    What’s your Instagram bro?

    Collin Sheffield says:

    What’s the song that you play during your outro?

    MrShunis says:

    Good work mate

    Ramon Vasquez says:

    foreplay do you recomend a oatmeal diet no milk only water

    josh casey says:

    ok thanks.

    Mars rover says:

    Liking these nutrition videos

    iFoRePLayy says:

    I use water, They have a supplement called carbo lean you can mix with it
    all if needed :)

    devonkapler1 says:

    Thumbs way up for this one. Can’t wait for fitness Fridays

    Jamie Jones says:

    Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

    Jake M says:

    asparagus makes my pee smell though :(

    Andre L says:

    PLEASE keep these nutrition/fitness videos going!

    FreedomOfSpeechEQUAL says:

    i eat 4 meals a day and a protien shake been going to the gym for a year
    and i could tell the difference , but the thing is that i eat anything
    chips,fast food, soda every now and Im an ectomorph btw 6’0 163 lbs. i just
    dont know what to eat because i have a really fast metabolism so i just eat
    whatever. Thanks for reading keep doing these fitness videos i love them

    ProjectEpeX says:

    When u make ur videos will 14 year olds be able to follow the steps?

    Travis Collins says:

    @FreedomOfSpeechEQUAL You might be ‘fit’ but unhealthy food still have the
    unhealthy side effects down the road like high blood pressure and what not.
    You’re one of the lucky ones but you still might want to cut back on the
    unhealthy and and some whole grains and sugar free drinks and stuff.

    Toothr Gaming says:

    Watching while i eat pizza smh

    Billy G says:

    Yo Sky, post some gameplays from league play with Proofy! Preferably that
    one where you go 37-0! I wanna see the ownage from your perspective, keep
    it up! #ForeplayyGANG

    Sir Jinx says:

    I loved this video… and I don’t even like nutrition/workout stuff! You’re
    awesome SJ (funny story, SJ is a train company here in Sweden) and keep up
    the great work ;)

    Concuhssion says:

    I was gunna ask if you even lift but…

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