Tips To Maximize Chest Growth & Rest Day Nutrition!

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(0-28)- Question 1- How to maximize your workout for a bigger chest
(1:32)- Shoulder Warm-Up

(1:43)- Method 1- Burn Sets
(1:49)- My Chest Workout
(2:38)- EXAMPLE of a Burn Set

(4:30)- Method 2- High Reps
(4:46)- High reps means more volume for the muscle to grow

(5:03)- Method 3- Slow Negatives
(5:18)- MAXIMUM GROWTH- all video links
(5:24)- Example of a 1 — 1 — 3 TEMPO

(7:04)- Form demonstrations on barbell and dumbbell chest exercises

(7:22)- Barbell Bench Press proper form video
(7:37)- Tip One- Barbell Bench Press – Make sure the barbell is even on the way up and down.

(8:20)- Tip Two- Barbell Bench Press – Put torque on the barbell

(9:00)- Applying Tips 1 & 2 to the Incline Chest Press
(9:40)- Applying a 1 — 1 — 3 TEMPO

to the Incline Chest Press

(10:26)- Applying Tips 1 & 2 to the Dumbbell Chest Press
(11:28)- Applying Tips 1 & 2 to the Dumbbell Incline Chest Press
(12:00)- Applying Tips 1 & 2 to the Dumbbell Incline Fly & Dumbbell Flat Bench Fly

(13:40)- Question 2- Rest Day Nutrition
(14:30)- My current daily macros
(15:22)- How I adjust my macros on a REST DAY.

(16:28)- Carbs: Re-Feed Day
(17:26)- Send in your questions!

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    wcw2793 says:

    I’ve been trying your Maximum Growth workouts, and I have to say that doing
    the tempo has helped me get so much better at controlling the weight and
    getting a good contraction. 

    delryn256 says:

    Great tips all around. Watching this before my chest workout, can’t wait to
    try out the drop sets :)

    KenMurphyTX says:

    Good information. Proof is in his build.

    Stipe Pokrajcic says:

    06:22 Education is important, muscles are importanter! :)

    Danny Moe says:

    This guy is a douchebag. He’s already giving off three distinct,
    stereotypical douchebaggery vibes within the first minute of the video.

    Devin Columbus says:

    Holy crap! We just did the Drop Superset to start our chest workout and I
    have never felt so much activation since I started lifting! I’m so stoked
    about it! 115-55 for 8-10 reps each. KILLER contraction!

    unibop says:

    cant take you seriously in that singlet

    beorange2000 says:

    Perfect upload thx

    noddylloyd says:

    That vest….. 

    Number69 says:

    Do you even lift?

    Dyobon Kowns says:

    That shirt is too much for me.^^

    DeadIsPop says:

    your shirt is trying to rip itself off you, i think. that shit is just two

    Liam Hargreaves says:

    Whats the rock song u put at the start of ur vids??

    gary piper says:

    same applies when working shoulder, i cant use dumbells for shoulder
    pressing because again the pain becomes really bad which effects my
    technique resulting in poor form.

    able2biteme says:

    Why is my left bicep smaller than my right when I am left handed

    gary piper says:

    I struggle with my chest due to the fact I have had a sore shoulder, this
    restricts my movement and the pain becomes unbearable when lowering the
    weight to a certain point. I haven’t been to the doctors with it as i have
    heard a lot of people say the doctors cant do nothing with a shoulder
    injury. is this true and can you give me any advise?

    ScottHermanFitness says:

    Build a BIGGER Chest!

    김 유영 says:

    Hey scott hi im korean~~ have a question.. i did chest work out every
    monday… First bench press 70kg 5-8 x 6~8sets and incline bench press
    5sets and dumbell press chest press machine 3sets and finally bench fly …
    but my chest is …small

    Rebassed says:

    scott im unscubscribing , enaugh of all this broscience bullshit . you used
    to be good , now im dtiching this shit man , i suggest people that want
    some proof behind their words to follow icecreamfitness. the dude is legit
    . ditch this broscience mofo , and also you do G4P idiot

    Shahir Noori says:

    Hi Scott. My right side is stronger than my left so my left arm tends to
    fall back when I’m doing chest workout or shoulder workout? This has
    resulted in my right shoulder looks different than my left. I believe it is
    because of bench press. What can I do to fix it?

    jimishmong says:

    Scott is salmon meat good for protein? And white rice but i eat only about
    1 cup or less is that good too or no 3 times a day sometimes 2 or 1

    Bruce Wayne says:

    Mr Herman! I’m back! Good video ;P

    ScottHermanFitness says:

    there is a range for it. You just need to see what works best for you

    ThEwArSoFrEaCh says:

    Great advice thanks

    ScottHermanFitness says:

    I have been building muscle still and making lean gains. It is all relevant
    to activity level my friend and lately I have been doing a lot of work on
    the computer…. which isnt good! Need to get out more! lol

    Shaine MacDonald says:

    Kudos for finally putting on a shirt dude!

    joey lange says:


    TheStripyboy says:

    does strength gains mean muscle gains?

    stevelau1933 says:

    I’ve done it for about 3 months, and it does help me cut up, and get more
    energy throughout the day. I don’t think it actually helps much in strength
    gains, but I’m sticking to it anyways. After doing it for a while, it
    becomes normal.

    Holtii14 says:

    lots of different views on what angle is right. i’ve always seen and used
    it lower and hits my upper chest great with no shoulders being hit. I guess
    what ever works and feels comfortable for you :)

    resop3 says:

    Scott – would a good pre-workout include cookies or does one need more than
    simple sugars?

    ScottHermanFitness says:

    thanks man!

    Solodeath Ownz says:

    You are the best, cant wait for the video! :) Btw if i gently rub down my
    belly my abs become visible, i am close to getting them to show without
    rubbing down right?

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