Top 10 Nutrition and Fitness Tips for 2012: Matt Truscott

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Native to Northern California, Matt Truscott, was a lifelong athlete. Achieving Varsity status all four years of high school he participated in football, basketball and track. As Matt advanced to college, Delta College & Menlo college, he continued to partake in football and track. Despite multiple injuries, he was able to play at a level high enough for NFL consideration. After a final knee injury, the NFL dream was beyond reach.

While interning at the Reikes

Center in Menlo Park, Matt discovered his talent for personal training and coaching. Matt wanted to apply his previous fitness experience and personal philosophies to enhance the lives of others. Although Matt possesses knowledge attained through research he also maintains practical knowledge. While employed by Equinox Fitness in San Mateo, Matt had a growing empire of consistent clients, as a personal trainer, while also teaching numerous classes. Classes ranged from core strengthening, circuit training and cardio focused.


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