30 Minute Mat Pilates Core Workout

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This 30 Minute Mat Pilates features mostly traditional Pilates Mat exercises fused with some traditional strength training exercises. Your core will be

working the entire time but you’ll also get strengthening and toning in the upper and lower body, plus a good relaxing stretch!


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    Kate Hud says:

    Injured my back pretty badly 5 months postpartum and was in so much pain I
    could barely function. This workout, along with a few other stretches,
    helped me get back on track and the pain under control. I had been doing
    p90x prior to the injury (non-exercise related), and this is way better and
    much more gentle. Total convert. Love your channel. THANK YOU

    mario peña says:

    1 minute my canal for you entrening fit work

    Cp Le says:

    Good vid for peeps like me who are beginners! Using a ft4 polar burned
    approx 92 cal (not that cal burn is the goal for a core vid like this).
    Just FYI for those who are tacking on this vid to a more dynamic workout. 

    Linda L says:

    Your workout is the BEST I have found! thank you!!

    Peter G says:

    By the way the only move I fell down on – as a total beginner – was the
    side plank AND lifting the other leg. Working on it though. There shall be
    no other Pilates teacher but you ;-)

    Stephen Voisey says:

    First time I’ve done Pilates. Buggered lol, so I think that is a good sign!

    Shinyaquamarine says:

    I’ve just discovered your fitness channel, I love your workouts and I
    really appreciate your willingness to help us stay fit! Thank you Amy :)
    Greetings from Italy!

    Peter G says:

    Great lesson. Thank you!

    William Rubi Quiros says:

    chic@s muy buena rutina,30 minutos.

    Khanhquyen Nghiem says:

    ok everybody please come fitness channel for amy so great hope you like

    ida gutnik rzezinski Tipping says:

    great wise valuable exercises, thank You

    Khanhquyen Nghiem says:

    i love workout so tired butt great discovered

    Marketa S says:

    Thank you Amy for sharing your routine, I need pilates but can not afford
    to pay their high rates, so this is a great alternative for me. I love you
    for sharing xxx

    BodyFit By Amy says:

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