Full Pilates Exercises for Ballets Dancers Athletes and Proffessional Movements !

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    Jane t says:

    omg so glad i found something with Ellen teaching, awesome!

    Sayed Majid says:

    thank you workout

    DeeniiCat says:

    thank you!

    Abagail Barman says:

    Full Pilates Exercises for Ballets Dancers Athle…:

    duckie982 says:

    thanks for the workout, nice. Btw, your 3rd position is actually 5th. 3rd
    is near the arch; 5th is at the toe. 

    Bobbi Jo Wright says:

    Thank you ! 

    Надежда Романенко says:
    jay gill says:

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    stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. And do you know about
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    daxdaxus dax says:

    do you have more ellen barret workouts?

    pilateslearn says:

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