Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout by FitnessBlender.com

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    Prima Love says:

    I don’t know why, but I can’t do the last one no matter how hard I try

    Nuca Gray says:

    I really want thinner calves. But i am afraid doing these will build up
    more muscles in my calves and make them bigger. What should i do?

    Jessica Mendez says:

    when will you see results ?

    Elinor Ventilacion says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Meghna Agrawal says:

    U can do the flutter easily if u hold in a semi crunch position and then do
    them to start with. Hope this helps :)

    Sara Lisa says:

    wow this video was so helpful. I used to have muscular thighs i hated but
    know they’re really skinny and i love them i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks with
    help from this vid so thank u som much 4 it

    Kerry McDermott says:

    Does this do anything for saddlebags?

    Jidapa Lohawiboonkij says:

    Do i have to do cardio before this exercise? 

    Kennedy Stevenson says:

    Just started till Dec 14

    Daniel Vasilev says:


    Yanuaria Lopez says:

    Me gustaria estuviera en español

    sandyzmz says:

    the last one is tough! cant lift my thighs that high.

    Inna Inako says:

    is it effective ? 

    Giang Nguyen says:

    Does this work out create muscle? Help me ;)

    kay sykes says:

    I hate the adverts in between >:(

    Paigereader says:

    Wow! That workout actually made me sweat! 

    Revy Subterfuge says:


    NeverStoppedSinging says:

    Like it a lot!

    Esmeralda Macias says:


    All4Reborns says:


    Nathalie Gamage says:

    Hey there Daniel and Kellie! I was just wondering what you mean when you
    say to remember to “keep leaning forward”? I am not really feeling it in my
    abs so I think I am missing something haha! Does it mean you have to bring
    your whole front of your body more forward than your legs or? Sorry for
    such a silly question. Thanks for all your help. It means a lot and all
    your help makes such a huge difference to not only I but to a lot of
    people. :) 

    An Na says:

    О да!

    Karen Conlan says:

    I’m going to do this every day

    Maja Pavić says:

    Just what I needed for my torn hamstring! Rehab is the key

    Pyromaniac Hunter says:

    If I do this 3 times a week will i see results? I mean will my legs get

    Mariam Tsomaia says:

    sorry, how many days i want to get on level 2?

    vampySARAH says:

    its been a year since i started this. man! i never knew i had a butt ..
    this routine shaped my legs, thighs and butt ..

    Dark Naruto Uzumaki says:

    wow this ninja is tired but I won’t give up!!!!

    Sisi NoBubbles says:

    damn i did this for the first time and im sweating like hell but i will do
    this workout everyday ,i hope it works for my thighs

    Miago Rako says:

    i have slim upper body but big thighs like really big hope this will work

    boudenas says:

    Nice not to be alone to do these exercises.

    Silvija Petrovic says:

    How many cals does this burn?

    gyan shrestha says:

    To regular folks who want to lose weight–but can’t get started. Go Google
    Skinnimaker System right away.

    Farzana Yasmin says:

    I’m gonna stick with full-body cardio/HIIT workouts for the next month
    (lose a tad bit of excess weight), and then I’ll look to incorporate this
    and a couple of other Pilate workout routines (from FitnessBlender) and
    focal point of my weekly schedule. And maybe a few months later, I’ll go
    back into Cardio/HIIT.

    ilinka hristova says:

    how long does it take to see results?

    Saqib Mohammed says:

    i have back pain cannot do the scissor kicks and flutter kicks.. i want to
    work on slimming my thighs and butt.. so do you have a workout routine that
    will not require me to lay on the back and be able to lose fat on my thighs

    Sandi F says:

    whew! that was rough! but I pushed thru…. last set of exercises for week
    one for me.. Cardio tomorrow… woo hoo! thx guys!!

    2lovemusic12 says:

    can this be done everyday?

    Hannah Campos says:

    That flutter kicks and heel tap made me look like a dying fish.

    Sara Tje says:

    Does this burns the leg fat??

    Kaylee Flores says:

    has anyone had good results from this?

    Hazel Hertz Alviola says:

    Thumbs up if you had troubles with the heel tap . 

    Patricia Ruiz says:

    Been doing this for a week and a several others just wow on the
    improvements!!! Thanks

    leilany torres says:

    This is so tiring!!!! Ahhh I feel the burn on my abs

    cesia .none says:

    Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout by FitnessBlender.com today 

    Calum Millar says:

    as a male, those heel taps can be very uncomfortable..

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