Pilates Exercises for Back Pain Relief

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Watch as Fitness Magazine shows you a pilates workout routine that will leave you with flat abs and a relaxed back! A barre3 core ball can be used as an option for this abdominal workout, but if you don’t have one, you can still complete this workout. Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent. Place your hands on your lower belly, and as you begin exhaling form a pilates C-curve scoop from your pubic bone to your navel. Keep your hands there as you begin alternating lifting your knees up towards your hips. This might not be the ab routine with the most burn, but this workout routine will wake up those innermost core muscles that help brace the spine. Bring both knees up to tabletop level following this pilates workout, once again creating that C-curve scoop with your hands. Extend the right leg straight and bring it back to tabletop level. Continue alternating between both legs and begin feeling those lower ab muscles getting warmed up. For a more traditional pilates exercise, lift your head and shoulders off of the ground and bring your right knee into your chest, keeping the left leg extended. Place your left hand on your right knee and your right hand along the shin, alternating your legs for a single-leg stretch. If you are experiencing any back pain, feel free

to lay your head back down on the mat for instant back pain relief. This next abdominal workout will use the barre3 core ball, but isn’t necessary to complete this back strengthening exercise. Lie down on the mat with your legs bent in front of you and the core ball placed underneath your sacrum. Keeping your tailbone lifted and in a neutral position, alternate lifting your left and right knees. Take this pilates workout to the next level by lifting your legs and extending along the floor. Use that stable core you developed in the first exercise and test your balance with this next move. Bring your right knee in and hold, lifting your head and shoulders off the ground and placing your hands behind your head. Alternate legs once again to really feel this core strengthening exercise work its magic. The key here is to pull the core down toward the floor to use as a stabilizing technique, and really focusing on lifting that tailbone away from the floor. For even more back relief, set your feet flat on the floor to finish with a bridge lift. Lift your hips off the floor, remove the ball, and slowly slide back down to the floor. Your back will thank you tomorrow when it feels this relaxed from just five minutes of stretching exercises in this pilates workout!

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