Denise Austin: Yoga Stretch Workout

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Denise Austin: Yoga Stretch Workout is designed to relieve stress, increase flexibility, and improve both mental and physical balance. Refresh and renew with legendary trainer, Denise Austin as you lengthen muscle and tone your body from head to toe with these 12 easy Yoga exercises that are combined together into a soothing flow to create the ultimate stretching experience. Maximize

your workout results with this effective exercise that can be done anywhere. Click here for more Denise Austin Workouts:

This workout is from Denise Austin’s DVD “Get Fit: Daily Dozen”.

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    Rebecca Gottfried says:

    I like her enthusiasm. It’s one of my favorite videos

    aps6666 says:

    Stretches were good..but what is wrong with this woman. ‘keeping you
    healthy for life because you are worth it?’ This video was riddled with
    cheesyness but that final line just killed it. 

    Rachelle Raspberry says:

    OMG! I feel good a fuck right now I’m definitely doing this every morning
    from now on 

    Gayan Madushanka says:

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    pills, or potions. Go Google Skinnimaker System to find out more.

    Steph Wickens says:

    I particicularly loved, “keeping you healthy for life, because YOU ARE
    WORTH IT”. Super cheezy but, good stretches.

    Roberta Smith says:

    lol, was starting to think the ooo’s and aww’s wer a bit on the porn side

    Chas Melichar says:

    Today’s Morning Yoga Stretch… Yup, she sounds a little … Well, out of
    context some lines would work great in porn, but it’s some of the best
    morning stretches.

    #yoga #stretching 

    Veronica Hardy says:

    I feel refreshed.

    Karen Guillory says:

    I did it again today! Love it! See you tomorrow!

    Momens Chitrakar says:

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    people who got ripped who never thought they could.

    dhana shrestha says:

    To anyone who wants to build muscle some day. Go Google Morsch Muscle
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    Jasmine shrestha says:

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I would build muscle with Max Muscle
    Method, but then I showed them the results. Go google Max Muscle Method to
    see their reaction. (It was epic!)

    Marita Macias says:
    Chas Melichar says:

    Today’s morning Yoga. Yes, the stretches are awesome, but when you’re
    greeted with lines like, “Now stretch your *other* arms” and the overly
    breathy and dramatic commentary coupled with her facial expressions can’t
    help but have us laughing in stitches while stretching.

    Great Yoga!

    dan flores says:

    Nice stretch yoga session

    James Reyes says:

    I love you Denise Austin, You made yoga more fun and sensual for me.

    ray keegan says:

    in fact denisen a wait of time for me

    palin1812 says:

    Love Denise, she reminds me of one of The Desperate Housewives

    Raw Fish says:

    Oh i love your voice…

    DrSalamAlIraqi says:

    We, all == That’s was a plural phrase ! ! What do you all know about what I
    was thinking ? lol :) – Just saying !

    Monika D says:

    This stretch helped clear up my sinuses somehow!

    raymond keegan says:

    please denise give a close-up

    brightsideofinsanity says:

    This is AWESOME

    terrelllewis60 says:

    White women with ass are awesome.

    ItsEYcostello says:

    Denise, you are a genius! You have just the right workout for every one of
    my needs–tonight I was unbearably sore from yesterday’s workout and this
    saved me!

    ruthsumbrellaa says:


    jdexposure says:

    Thanx, Niecy!

    Caitlin Michel says:

    Couldn’t get past the constant “ooohhh it feels so gooood”

    Sarah Abdel Hamid says:

    she seems like really enjoying this. thanks

    zenunderground says:

    oh, yueah i feeling it. a little lower please… das it. love it. right

    DrSalamAlIraqi says:

    Denise, I have no idea who you are ! I am Iraqi, but I loved your Yoga and
    honestly, you gorgeous awesome in your presentation, THANKS A MILLION :)

    ellyxox says:

    I was so sore after my workout the other day, this is exactly what I needed
    to get back in the game :)

    AnthonyNguyenER1000 says:

    Denise Austin I love it that you have a positive attitude, and reminds me
    have one too. Ever since I discovered this video, I always do this yoga
    stretch before hitting the gym.

    MD RUHUL says:

    If you have been trying to get rid of fat fast, you should search google
    for “Atomic Fat Loss”. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

    John O says:

    We all know what you are thinking about lol

    VPaolis says:

    Amazing! So relaxing!

    Jessica Miles says:

    I use to watch her every morning before school… 12 years ago, and she
    STILL looks amazing! (wowed)

    Sylvester Hale says:

    I like her ! she fit fine and super sexy !

    Jenny Sung says:

    best stretch ever! I did an intense workout before doing this yoga stretch
    routine & today I have zero soreness. I’ve saved this so I can use it
    ongoing! Thank you :-)

    oneupsta says:

    I’m in LOVE….

    galukya1 says:

    Oooo I feel great, thank you again. I love you! I especially look forward
    to my daily Denisology, you are supper positive and a much needed and
    appreciated reinforcement to how I want to live my life! God Bless and
    Peace and Love Denise to you and yours!

    KickAssPandas says:

    This video is really fast, you should be holding these stretches for at
    least 30 seconds each. She barely holds them for 14.

    Gorzki says:

    jedzilbym jak szofer z dajana

    Knife Obsession says:

    Thanks for that excellent stretch set. It’s my 1st time here but I’ll be

    MadameMarsh says:


    shinsonic12 says:

    Great workout.

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