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Loading .... Julie Hammerstein is one of the country’s leading health experts. As a Certified Nutritionist, she works with families, companies, and individuals helping them breakthrough the myths around diet and exercise and create a whole new and empowering Culture of Healthy Living.

She has helped thousands of people take back their health through her philosophy Small Change, Big Impact™. With this simple, yet profound message, Julie dispels the negative beliefs about weight loss and eradicates the mindset that being healthy is hard.

And she should know. Up until age 20 Julie battled with her weight. Her own experience of growing up as the fat girl, and cycling through diet after diet gave her the drive to find a better way. She knows first-hand the heartache, and dangers, of eating junk food, leading a sedentary life and being overweight.

Today, Julie lives a different life. She follows her systematic approach to eating right, exercise and practicing self-care and is committed to helping others do the same.

In her speaking and coaching programs Julie shares her systematic approach to break free from what she describes as the Fat Kid Mentality. She helps her clients realize and breakthrough all of the limiting beliefs around food and what it really means to be healthy.

Her company, MaxLife Therapies, was inspired by her son Max, whose vibrant health and dynamic nature serve as reminders that nothing is static, and that we all have an inherent desire to create better outcomes for ourselves. It is Julie’s strong belief that everyone has the ability to maximize vitality and longevity, and truly Live Your MaxLife™.

She was recruited to be the Nutritional Coach for the TV documentary, Fitting In which aired on ABC Family

in June 2008. The show, currently being considered for national cable, is designed to educate viewers on the cause, effects and possible solutions for the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. This is just one example of Julie’s commitment to transforming one of our country’s leading health issues.

Her educational DVD series Maxs Minutes: The A-Zs of Healthy Living, which she produced with 6-year-old Max, gives parents and kids a fun and unique look at how to create a healthy home. Her new book, Fat is Not a Four Letter Word: 14 Daily Lessons to Break Through Your Fat Kid Mentality, debuts in 2010 and will transform how people approach dieting and weight loss by giving daily lessons for creating a healthier life.

Whether its personal consultation with adults or working with kids and parents in her MaxLife Family Wellness Programs, Julie implements her winning formula to Educate, Empower, and Explore™ – a proven step-by-step plan that guarantees results!

Her Corporate MaxLife Wellness Program is the most comprehensive and cost-effective wellness program available. Companies can effectively support their employees’ health goals, while drastically reducing the cost of healthcare and absenteeism due to stress and chronic illness.

Her newest program MaxLife Parents at Work, is specifically designed for busy parents in the workplace. It takes the principles from her corporate programs, and customizes it to address the challenges that working parents face trying to stay well and raise healthy, happy kids in a busy world.

Its about creating a CULTURE – so that eating right, exercising and other healthy habits become so much a part of who you are, that you do it without thinking about it!

Julie is passionate about helping you Live Your MaxLife!


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    Morne Van der Berg says:

    a lot of irrelevant comments below…please remove them, Julie

    Morne Van der Berg says:

    max is very sweet. Go Max!! 

    varahi prashant says:

    I will do it every morning thanks

    deokaluitel ayushmadhungel says:

    yoga is fun to do exercise and exercise is healthy for us body,like this

    SeriousSam1998 says:

    poor boy

    mohamed derfoufi says:

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    that to me… I don’t remember at any time seeing him so cheerful. Kind of
    makes me frustrated.

    mimi jolie says:


    RosaProductions2 says:

    oh oh i’m in that weird part of youtube again!


    2:42 he touched her foot thumb.. very cute! I think he will have a fetish
    gor feet when he grows up..

    jayworking says:


    andre052199 says:

    Hey im 11 and I want to know if I can do something alot harder I need to
    get in shape for lacrosse and football and I need to get in pefect shape im
    clueless on what I can do so far I just jog for about 45 mins and I do 8
    short sprints but please can you tell me what to do?

    SmartBrainChild Sunday says:

    These were cute yoga exercises for children. I’m an elementary school
    teacher. I do the criss- cross applesauce with my students and deep
    breathing exercises to calm their inner and outer body. The breathing
    exercises help me to encourage them to bring joy and happiness into their
    lives. Students are introduced to so much academic work. They need special
    time to become stress free. Thank you!

    Thi Lê says:

    I looked over most of the observations on here. I feel that’s a useful vid.
    My younger brother wants to get perfect with the ladies. He picked up a
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    mike Last says:

    stop talking and start

    Sterling Undem says:

    Calming and centring Yoga, maybe needs a Yoga teacher, check out ‘Tickle
    Machine Game': 5 rules of safe, gentle tickling & 5 levels of challenging
    play. Parent learns how to make kids laugh without tickling and kids learn
    how to stay cool, calm and collected. My 2 boys and I discovered this game
    35 years ago. Another way to get introduced to centring through fun family
    activity and for parents to exercise their ‘funny’.

    bentouta5 says:

    i need something more challenging

    alain alano says:

    Cute toes ^_^

    zombie45ism says:

    How about karate

    nainarkhan says:


    mimi jolie says:


    Arvapalli Shiva Kumar says:

    Have you tried “Ripped X Beast?” (Google it) It is a quick way for you to
    get ripped fast.

    Emily N says:

    Aww the kid is soooo cute I love teaching yoga to kids they are so adorable
    and it’s nice to give them some time for them selfs. Its also nice to tire
    them out for their parents! Great vid!!

    Singh Mahendra says:

    Hey! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (search on google)? Ive heard
    some decent things about it and my m8 got really defined Six pack abs and
    lost a ton of weight with it.

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